Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


I hope the first one is a spelling mistake by you and you didn’t just copy and paste it off the site


Oops! Spelling mistake by me. (Now fixed.)


How about Petrochemical Mutants?


Me either, but think Western Athletic is even better. Punchier.


FC Athletic of Western


Atlético Melbourne Occidental


Can we chuck a Real in there too? I think the Seppos managed to.


South East Ballarat Shitfish


I hope you’re not suggesting the government spend more money on football. Because that won’t happen. “Kids get inspired to play sport because Olympics” has been proven to be a myth many times over now.

FFA has heaps of money but they keep pumping it all into stupid business development sht. Two main things they need to do

  1. Redo their coaching accreditation framework and get serious about it. Most clubs have no requirement for junior coaching accreditation, whereas in every successful footballing nation they do and it’s strictly enforced.
  2. Allow transfer fees, especially between A-League and NPL clubs. Only rich kids get into talent pathways at the moment because they cost an absolute bomb, Give clubs a different revenue option instead and they’ll take their pathway stuff more seriously.


Who said anything about being inspired?

It’s an arms race.

England outspent us to improve their results at Olympic level and it paid off.

Nobody gives a ■■■■ about national pride anymore. But pay people enough money and you will get results.

We need to get the best infrastructure in place and that means getting the best coaches.


What reason is there for the government spending money on elite sport?


If the house prices keep dropping like they are they will want something to distract us.



We’re saying the same thing (spend = good). FFA has the money but they keep playing make-believe EPL instead of governing the sport.


It’s a good play from them to hire a patsy.

Getting a good coach puts the focus squarely on the playing group and in turn the lack of talent in this country for which they are responsible.

By hiring a good coach you may get a little extra out of the squad but the reality is it would take a decade or two and a hell of a lot of money.

It makes perfect business sense to maintain the equilibrium.


My personal preference would be to call the new team WyndHam United and get them to play in claret and blue, but maybe that’s just me… :hammer_and_pick:


There might be plenty of kids playing but soccer is still a very distant #3 behind the AFL and NRL, and not that far in front of union.


In a ‘dream result’ ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Qatar beat Japan 3-1 to win the Asian Cup. Seems almost ‘too good to be true’. :thinking:


It’s a zillion miles ahead of Union. Whether you look at participation (where Soccer’s ahead of all the other football codes), crowds or ratings.


It all fell their way on the night, but it was all there.

Although, they’ve been questions if two of their players are actually Qatari and eligible. The AFC dealt with it behind closed doors and said nothing to see here, haha.


Fair effort from United after being 3-0 down and also down to 10 men since the 9th minute. Brisbane were reduced to 9 in the second half as United won 4-3