Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Not sure if you’re only counting football codes, but basketball is a pretty cosy 3rd at the moment.

Union is about 50th.


I was more talking spectators and TV rights.


Ah okay. Basketball is still very close to soccer, and catching up fast.

Union is still 50th.


A league attendances (10k avg across the league) are a lot, lot closer to NRL (15k) than NRL is to AFL (34k).

the TV rights is all the NRL seem to care about, that’s the biggest income stream, and the NRL (360M pa) is reasonably close to AFL (415M) there. A-league gets about 60M per year.

Dunno what Union gets, but not much.


Word on the grape vine is Western Melbourne will be named Western Athletic


Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully it’s a good way out west, get more of the population.


So original with these names, aren’t they?



It’s pretty much the same all around the world.

In Italy alot or just the colour of the teams. Bianconero, neroazzuro, rossoneri etc.

Liverpool and Man U are both referred to as the Red (though Man U also red devils).


Named after John Wayne’s jockstrap? Nice!


That’s sooo yesterday!

Now the papers are going with Western United., but who the fark knows?!
(Western Athletic sounded somewhat better IMO.)


I voted for Albion Albion FC.


Well in San Francisco they say they will be Western United with green and black strip.


Western United in fine. It could have been alot worse…alot worse.

I dont mind the old United, Athletic, City ect. I hope the new South West Sydney team jump on Athletic.


South West Sydney Uleh’s


Apart from the extremely bland name, Western United have chosen to use the same colour combo as the new NBL team, South East Melbourne Phoenix (who in turn have chosen to use the same nickname as Wellington Phoenix and the previous netball team Melbourne Phoenix).

Boring, boring, boring. No spark of originality.


Personally I’d have preferred them roll out the olde 19th century West Melbourne ‘Casuals’ nickname just to be up front about being amateur.

Athletic might have actually been forward thinking and appropriate if at some stage they’d expanded into the NBL (or other sporting venture), just as a lot of Baltic clubs did. I’m pretty sure it referred to clubs who had multiple pursuits. ‘United’ was the perfect fit for two Adelaide clubs. I’ve often thought that ‘FC’ as a suffix for a modern franchise clubs to be the worst - no ■■■■ they’re a football club.


I saw none of the game and I rarely call for the head of the coach of any of my sides but Warren Joyce is an absolute farking pelican and has to go!

He may have done good things/had a good rep at Manchester United but his take no ■■■■/my way of the highway approach has seen him finish of the tenures of Tim Cahill and Bruno Fornaroli and so far what can we say was the result of that? Sweet FA. I cannot help but think City would be so much better off with Bruno in the side and possibly even Timmy.

We still have the spineless performances that he was supposed to rectify and were usually blamed on JVS.


The guy is a joke plain and simple. When he goes I hope all those above him go too

Never seen a senior coach fall out with so many senior players, Bruno,Cahill,Brandon,Kilkenny,o halloran. The guy is a joke plain and simple


So, you’re telling me the guy is a joke plain and simple?


Come over and support Victory, heart or city or whatever you’re called are a joke and will always be second fiddle to the Victory