Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


Ain’t gonna happen. If heart/city were to fold that would be it for me with the a league


He can’t be that bad, you guys were on a pretty good streak this season and still in top 6


Lol city, Victory down to 10 men and 1 nil down after 15 mins and city still can’t get the full 3 points.


It is a bit hard when your coach is a FARKING PELICAN!


Lol we were playing against 10 men for 70+ minutes and still didn’t look threatening in attack or look like overrunning them

Hopefully the head honchos at the club drop the axe now, if they don’t they can stick their club up their backside becuase I’m just about done


He is ■■■■■■■ terrible. I know City hit the woodwork twice but any decent team would have beaten us 4-0 last night.


City are a complete joke, all you city supporters need to jump ship and support the victory.




Bruno Fornaroli and City have parted ways. Why not do it in the January window?


Warren Joyce is the Luke Beveridge of A-League football when it comes to falling out with players.
Only without… you know… success

City seem to be the St Kilda of the A-League really, don’t they? A complete and utter irrelevance…


I want to know what happened, the whole fitness thing was the biggest load of garbage I have ever heard.

As you said, why not do it in the January window. He was my all time favourite player for heart/city. Gave everything every time he went on the field. Pathetic the way he has been treated.

I’m actually staggered that Joyce is still there.


I had heard from a lady I was working with on Monday that Fornaroli was already gone, was getting paid 25k pw by City not to play and was essentially a Perth player but was not allowed to play for them this season. Also that there was some sort of incident or thing about him and Honda just before the season started (specific details were not very detailed).

Also said there was something in the fitness issues, and that maybe it was not 100% the fault of the Pelican, I almost believed that, but said the bs with him and TImmy, him and Bruno, Him and Kilkenny him and a few others is a joke and he pretty much removed them and we have achieved Sweet FA, infact the only silverware we have as a club is courtesy of Timmy’s head, the FFA Cup from a few seasons ago.


Wasn’t Warren Joyce an assistant at Manchester United?

Maybe the pelican is doing a Mick Malthouse to the blose inside sabotage job.


He was reserves coach for the best part of 8 seasons at United


Western United’s logo revealed

Meh. Looks more like WV than WU.


Looks like a northern european style crest, late 70’s, early 80’s. Flat design, no frills oh and not one of those godawful lopsided crests doing the rounds about 10-15 in soccer, Cricket Australia. I don’t mind it and the club colours too.


Victory embarrassed yet again in the ACL


Looks like the Warner brothers logo


Oh yeah, haha. Well spotted Rosso.
At least the letter B actually has a sharp corner at the bottom though (unlike a U). Maybe it’s a Roman U, where it looks like a V when they chisel it into the marble…

Good enough, but not great. As per the Western United name itself, it could be for a credit union.


It’s a rubbish name that doesn’t really refer to anywhere specific especially to an outsider - Western bumfaarck Leakes Road. Black and green stripes, gotta admit, that’s tuff though and a good selection.