Australian Soccer Thread (A-League/FFA Cup/Socceroos)


That’s a V, not a U.

can’t even spell an acronym right.


U wasn’t in the original Roman alphabet.
Came about in the middle ages.

(Actually is that_the_joke.jpg ?)


Jeez I would like to get behind this new team, but the blandest possible name and logo make it hard to generate anything other than complete apathy? I feel like I’m in a focus group.


Do you support either of the current teams in the A league?



I started supporting Victory in the 2006/07 season in their run to the title. Went to the GF vs Adelaide and it was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to. In that off-season, I started mixing with supporters and was constantly getting ribbed for being a glory hunter. Which was stupid for club that was 3-4 years old at the time. My interest waned after that.

Decided to get in on the ground floor for Melbourne Heart. Went to games pretty regularly from '10 up until they became City. I kept going to games but less often. I’ve dropped right off in the last two seasons when their style became incredibly bland and it was pretty evident they exist pretty much purely as a farm team now.


You dirty little ■■■■, simmo


I just want a team that will love me back




Victory yet to claim a point and sit bottom of their group. I wish they would take this comp seriously


I think they are.


Surely not. They are better than they shown


Matildas Vs USA in the World Cup build up Freindly - One all at HT.


Nice goal from Foord puts the Tills 2 -1 up early in the 2nd.

Back level 2 all.


Yanks gone up 4 Goals to 2. :no_mouth:

Good game though. Hopefully a WC Final preview, and it will do them the world of good playing against the top side. Invaluable experience for the younger Girls.


So looks like the Melbourne derby in week 1 of finals.
Victory will absolutely spank City


Im not so confident. They lift for us


They are seriously trash. Every time I’ve seen them play they are just so vanilla


We are seriously trash.


Just seen on Twitter, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler set to be appointed manager of Brisbane Roar.


How could he possibly do the dirty on all the North Queensland Fury fan like that!!