Avengers Infinity War: Spoilers Thread

So I’m guessing all those that got turned to dust were sent into another dimension / reality / universe? They offed so many heroes for real they can’t have killed those as well. Especially ALL the Guardians.

Vision spent the whole movie getting beaten up. Though, I’ve never fully understood what his deal was anyway.

Thor turning up on Wakanda was awesome.

Hope there’s more Cap in the next one.

Quill and Thor was so damn good.

They nailed part one.


Emergency signal to Captain Marvel in the end credits scene


Got a favourite line?

I have a better question, WHY is Gamora?

No more pop culture references for the rest of this trip, got it?

Throw another moon at me and I’ll go off

Yeah well I killed my father and kept both of my eyes so…

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I got nothing. Is there a French version? Someone was suggesting there was.

Pacing was excellent, when they were getting to know each other it was wise cracks and light and jokes then as they realize theyre about to have their dates handed to them it just turns to survival.

Thanos coulnd’t be voiced better than Brolin. Just perfect.

Opening scene set you up for a kick square in the jatz.

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Was freakin awesome!!! Comic lovers wet dream.

Yeah has to be something like that.

My wild speculation for the next film is that we see all the “dead” avengers and people in the Cancerverse. With Captain Marvel being introduced in Part2 she will know a way to get to the others ( with the help of Nova who is the last Nova left after Thanos wiped out Zandar). I can also see Adam Warlock being introduced as he is one of the only other people who can control the Infinity Gauntlet.

The 3 of them will open a gate way to the Cancerverse getting all the hero’s back but in turn this opens a rip between dimensions making way for the annihilation wave and Annihulis ( I think this will be Avengers 5). Thank god I only have to speculate for 12 months!!!

I dont understand any of that but that is exactly what I reckon will happen.


Actually I was only thinking last night after the movie of all the people they haven’t really done much with and that Adam Warlock came to mind, so I assume he has to play some part.

Some of the set photos from Avengers 4 show…

Time travel becoming a distinct possibility. Flashbacks to old Cap. Thor with long hair. Etc

Yeah some are saying Iron Man uses the tech he used in Civil War to replay memories.

Or they just use the time gem and go back waaaayyyyy too far.

If Dr Strange had only one scenario where the Avengers won, he must have known what the hell he was doing when he gave up the Infinity Stone, cos he said to Iron Man “It was the only way”.


Which one of John Steed’s offsiders are they using? Diana Rigg is old in GoT and Joanna Lumley is travelling too much. Surely it’s not Honor Blackman.

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I remember seeing Moonraker in France, dubbed into French.

“Je m’appelle Bonged. Shemps Bonged.”


Not many movies put a stupid childish grin on my face as many times as infinity war did. Loved it.

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Cap to Thor: I see you got a haircut
Thor: I see you copied my beard


I am Groot

I am Steve Rogers


The scene between Shuri and Bruce Banner was delightful.

“I’m sure you did your best”

Also Peter Dinklage being a dwarf but massive was gold

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