Awards season

All things end of season awards!

To kick it off - our 3 nominees for the MVP!

Most Courageous: Laverde
Best first year player: Cox


What a big sign of recognition for Lav. Huge effort.


Lav wins.

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I’m loving the Lav recognition.


He’s one of 54 nominees right now?

Without a doubt, Stringer is in Essendon’s top 3 MVP in 2021, and probably in the whole AFL. He’s rated the No.1 AFL Player since Round 14 and probably Essendon’s only player who can turn a game by his own efforts.


I wonder if they Farked up. Did they mix up String for Lav?

lavs been stopping the other teams best forward all season. you don’t get much more mvp than that.

zachs been going at his elite level the whole season

parish elevated himself into elite for mot of the season.

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Is the AA team being announced tonight?

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Most improved:

David Myers


Yes. Tonight it’s on.

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Yep. Showing it on fox footy.

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Lever, May and Stewart named in the AA Team.

We all know the team will be dominated by players from the top 4 sides

Having a squad of 40 to pick from is pointless imo

When is the rising star ANNOUNCED?

Rich, Alir and Dale also AA backline.

Stringer is going to miss isn’t he?

For sure even tho he’s been rated as the best player in the league in the second half of the year


Aliir was good but not AA good imo

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