Back Our Boys

I've just watched Bomba thank supporters and ask us to hang in and "be there" to help get the boys a victory on Sunday.


It doesn't take much these days to bring me undone when it comes to more news on the supplement issue. After 50+ years of loyal supporting I've realised my resilience has weakened but I cannot imagine letting the team down by using the recent ASADA news as an excuse to not be at the MCG this Sunday.


No matter how bad you feel nor how despondent you think you may be to attend the game and possibly watch us lose to the Dees, think of what it will mean to the team that you're willing to go through this period of uncertainty and pain with them.


Be there if you care.

Very good call karmabomber. Let’s all get behind the boys in any way we can.

well that was a bit awkward

From my cold dead hand!


I'll be there!

Yeah I'm gonna go, even though it's at a crap time.

I'm expecting the boys to absolutely go full tilt this week and take it out on the dees..


Be there.

Wasn't going before, working a full shift before the game.

Am now.

You kind of have to.


Support the players, support the board, support the coaches, support the club.

There is no eh.

I’ll be there

If there was one good thing to come of this crap it was last years us against them mentality. Was good fun sticking it up everyone and playing good footy when everybody wanted us to fail. 


This year we've tried to be BFF with everybody and it's kind if ■■■■ weak. Paul Little going to get manicures with Caro and helping Andy D water his front driveway to get in the good books was pathetic. 


Always supported the club through it all but please don't bend over again and let these fuckwits do what they like. 

I will #AbandonOurBoys at three quarter time… so I can get to the AFL match in time.

should be great, have about 16 tickets with all the kids from Auskick that support the bombers coming along.


go ballistic people

Im going with 2 mates. Nothing stopping me now.

Wasn't going to the game.


Now nothing can stop me going.


Also signed the missus up for a membership. Club should have done this last year.


Lid off.

Will be there. If anyone organizes a blitz pitch invasion I’m in, too

Wasn’t going either had a bit going on Sunday.

But fark it now. Fark’em all, fark’em in the ■■■ with hand cuffs on and crazy glue on their lips.

Looking forward to enjoying a meat pie washed down with a few bevvies this Sunday, surrounded by loyal passionate bomber fans.

Smash Melb FC by 160 points, fark roosy and his vaunted defensive system.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but i would love to send the boys off the ground with a rousing rendition of “You’ll never walk alone” the song just fits the clubs current position and mood even better the more this crap goes on.

Yep, even Mrs Wannabe has changed from “Sunday, cold, demons” to “this is important, I’m in”.

I will #AbandonOurBoys at three quarter time… so I can get to the AFL match in time.

Bring the VFL boys with you.

Yep me and the kids will be there