Backline love-in

Shout out to the boys down back. I could post in each of their individual threads but there probably needs to be one for the overall defensive group, which since Round 4 (when Hooksey returned) has been the stingiest in the AFL with the least amount of points conceded at 66 per game. We have issues elsewhere on the field, namely being able to kick a decent score ourselves, but you can’t fault the boys down back. Hurls, Hooksey, Paddy on the big boys, Saady and Connor the speed and dash whilst Mason Redman has provided great skill by foot and sets us up nicely off half-back. Also props to the Big Truck Ben Rutten. He’s come across from Richmond and help implement a defensive structure that now stands up under pressure. We now have a rearguard as good as any in the comp, we just have to get the other components of our game to a standard necessary for us to compete at the top.


Couldn’t agree more. We have a great back 6/7 with Francis unable to break in and Gleeson, Ridley, Zerk in the twos.

Great sides have recently set up from behind and we are in great shape here. They can and do hold their own against any side.


Nothing better than a good love in down back.


I’m still looking forward to seeing what Gleeson will add to it


Give it a week and people will be calling or Hooker to be moved forward!


I want Gleeson in too, but he probably only replaces an injury at this stage?

Nah. Zaka and Guelfi are spending plenty of time there in the rotation. Both would be better suited rotating mid/fwd.

Gleeson would have just clean out marked Scully where Zaha gave away a free.

Begley makes way for Gleeson. Guelfi/zaka split his forward minutes


Redman’s disposal…



And yet Hurley in particular is outrageously vilified by the footstampers in the GD thread.


Yeah that could work for sure.

I love Hurls but man his kicking can be absolutely shithouse at times.


I can’t help myself. Nothing better than a current best 22 after a win, am I right @barnz

Saad Ambrose Hurley
McKenna hooker redman

McGrath parish hepp
Tbell Shiel zerret

Guelfi lav Fanta
Tippa smack stringer

Gleeson - Clarke - Zaharakis - Langford


Cale Hooker leagues most under rated player.

I try almost time to be as un biased as I can, sure he’s acknowledged as being a good player, but he’s even better than that.
Genuine elite talent.


He had a few awful kicks down the line last night which he left way to close to the corridor and came back over his head.

But yeah he’s obviously a heart and soul player

Yeah, probably not. Think that’s just you wanting to see people say that.

Hooker’s strength in marking contests is so good. He’s immovable. Doesn’t even have to grapple, he just stands there and everyone falls over around him. Great player. The old guard of Hooker and Hurley were immense last night.



Reckon both Guelfi and Zaka are doing ok down there. Zaka really struggles one on one but that’s not him, he is not a 1 on 1 type of player.
Ridley gives you the better kick out of defence than those 2 but Guelfi has that real toughness about him that you need down back.

Glad the defence has got itself settled, it is easier to build a team when the defence is sorted, allows you to attack a bit more knowing that you won’t be leaking goals the other way.

Yep, I’ve completely made up the fact people call for Hooker to be more forward. Got me.

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I like him fwd for this reason too and I like that it frees him up to just bring it all over the ground as opposed to being accountable to an opponent