Backwards... year after year

Two weeks ago Hawthorn pumped West Coast with considerably poorer personnel than what we played with.

Key tactics:

  • manic pressure on the mark
  • stick tackles
  • hunt the outlet on the wing

Watch our first two quarters… the exact things that hawthorn were able to stop killed us on five occasions.

It’s not personnel.


Well… it’s a little bit personnel.

erm, you can’t put pressure on the mark Andrewb you have to go back and get your place in the zone.



The game plan is rat5hit. Either the players are not good enough to play to the game plan or they are not invested in it. Skills are killing us.

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Cant see how we improve next either. We aren’t adding to our list during trade period, older players on decline, Smith will add something but Joe is irrelevant the way we go inside 50. The midfield’s kicking skills are deplorable.

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there is absolutely no gameplan that can be executed with under 12’s kicking skills across most of our high disposal getters


Absolute butchers of the ball

We need to come up with a game plan that doesn’t require us to hit targets by hand or foot.


… nor requires a team of underweighted players who can neither lay good tackles nor shake tackles.

…and also works with players of very low footy IQ.


I still can’t believe we gave Jetta, Rioli and Ryan that much space.

I still can’t believe we kicked it high and long into the forward line.

I still can’t believe we let them run into space on the weak side wing all ■■■■■■■ night

The missed tackles and the skill errors are one thing but the game plan for this week was given to us by Clarkson a fortnight ago and we still couldn’t make a fist of it

One positive is that the lose will bring about change within the organisation. Lets hope we can learn from it.

They work hard to get into space - our players don’t.

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We try to play “the way we want to play” against 8-10 sides above and around us and it often becomes "the way we continue to show everyone how to beat us.

There is a distinct lack of creativity, the willingness to adopt / modify the game plan to deal with opponents. Is it the dogged adherence by Worsfold to play exactly the same every week, or the inability of our players to play any other way.

We need radical change in our game plan. All the other sides have worked us out. The ones we beat just are not good enough. Thats all, so here we are condemned to 7-12 in the comp. Bog average.

It’s easy for Wragles to find space when all you do is wait for the inevitable turnover and the ball comes back lace out but your opponent is 50m away having just been involved with the play that resulted in a turnover!!! Everyone is out of position except the Weagles players!!!

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Well, our main attacking players, Saad and McKenna, are supposed to actually be defenders on 2 of those players and they ended up totally out of position way off their men when the midfield turned it over.