Band fakes label, promoter, fanbase, concert footage to get European tour

The talk of the metal blogosphere this weekend has been the amazing story of Threatin and it’s “mastermind,” Jared Threatin. On Friday, we reported the band had posted doctored live footage and created a fake online social media presence of tens of thousands of likes, and RSVPs to shows to get a European tour booked with prominent clubs. The tour was booked by a fake booking agency, StageRight.

And when the shows actually happened – the ones that had hundreds of RSVPs – nobody showed up, other than the opening bands. And the venues started noticing all the RSVPs for this European tour were from Brazil. Threatin was exposed. But now there is so much more to the story.

First off, you might be wondering – how or why did these prominent UK venues like the Underground in Camden book this doofus. A few venues have made it clear that the band actually paid a deposit to the venue to rent the room, a “hire fee,” and assured the venue that people would show up, since the venue makes most of its money on the bar tab. Essentially, this dude rented out big venues in the UK as rehearsal spaces.

MetalSucks went down a deep rabbit hole to see just how far Jared was taking the lie, and it included creating an entire website for his fake booking agency, StageRight complete with other fake bands with amazing names like Brian Guy, Michael Anthony, Newport, “Fiona” and Ice Age. All sound like artists, but are not. The webpage is incredible.

MetalSucks also picked up on the fact that the band created a fake record label and a fake record label website to go along with their fake booking agency. This guy has all his bases covered, except he just assumed nobody would actually pay attention to these things?

The fake label, Superlative Music Recordings, coincidentally shares a similar roster to the booking agency. In addition to Threatin, we have old favorites Michael Anthony, Fiona, and Brian Guy. A now deleted “About” page features an incredible fake history of this non-existent label.

Even more impressive is Jared created a fake metal news website, Top Rock Press to give the impression that somebody is actually covering his act. The site features outdated stories about Tony Iommi and Axl Rose. I admire how far he’s taking this con.

MetalSucks notes that there are interviews on the site that are straight up plagiarized from other websites. He just copy and pasted this David Ellefson interview from Alternative Nation. A total mess!

It’s like this dude took the time to concoct this whole elaborate lie, but then kind of gave up half way and just started copying and pasting things thinking nobody would notice.

But now, a lot of people have noticed.

MetalSucks has reported multiple sources telling them the band’s live guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis have quit the band.

Seriously admire the guy for pulling it off, but what a douche


The greatest Hip Hop Hoax is an amazing doco covering two Scottish guys who convince everyone they are Californian rappers. Its amazing

Yeah I went down this rabbit hole over the weekend. Delusions of grandeur for sure. But it’s incredible how something like this can still be pulled off in this day and age where info on almost everything is instantly and readily accessible by anyone.

I still haven’t quite reconciled the rationale. Build it and they will come? I don’t think anyone nowadays will just roll up to a venue on the off chance someone good is playing that night.

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yeah he forgot the bit about building a following