Barnaby Joyce, not Nats Leader or Deputy Prime Minister





November 2016. 15 months ago.


Most puzzling thing about this photo is that that look was reciprocated… do Deputy Prime Ministers have that much appeal?!


No. No they don’t.


I love all the talk from other politicians that his private life should stay private and does not impact his ability to do the job. Imagine all the skeletons they are collectively trying to keep hidden


Usually I’d agree with that however, when a bloke (or woman) uses their family for political advantage, or uses their religious beliefs, with family values at the core of their argument to deny a section of the community it’s right to equality then they decide to go all Jimmy Baker on taxpayers, that degree of scumbaggery isn’t entitled to privacy.


Yep. What happens in Canberra stays in Canberra


He’s looking at her like he dropped his hot dog at the base of a sexy World Expo 88 pavilion. Which is what she kind of looks like.


Oranges and thirty foot of garden hose are what comes to mind.

Son of a good mate of mine used to work for the Daily Telegraph as a Jimmy Olsen, and she was his immediate superior.


If I’m parsing that correctly I’m wishing I hadn’t parsed. So trash journo, now polly PR on mighty taxpayer salary, now mother of future Barnaby/Barnabette? Quite a ride.


News headline: “Barnaby Joyce is going nowhere”

Well, they got that right.


I’m not sure which euphemism I’m supposed to be getting here or if there even is one.


Why even exaggerate about that though? I don’t get it.


Dig a little deeper. The hatred between these 2 is again evident. Windsor exposed joyce in October 2017. But Bolts headline says “foul rumours” when “facts” would have been more appropriate.

No doubt Windsor is getting his rocks off about the current plight of Barnaby. Lol.

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Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
October 21, 2017 8:20am


First one is…second one isn’t.

IMO she’d need to be able to suck an orange through thirty foot of garden hose for him to leave his wife and daughters for her. i.e. I don’t find her attractive at all.

Describing someone as a Jimmy Olsen is simply saying he was a junior reporter. He actually quit the profession two years ago because all he got to do was write negative stories about how people died, stole, etc etc, and it was affecting his positivity.


No, but $190k pa (Plus super, Cunts) does.



Swear filter…?




I know I’m way too old to be idealistic about politics, and this isn’t a left-right thing.
I’m sure Shorten would be exactly the same.
But why the ■■■■ is this guy still Deputy PM?
How much more corrupt do you have to be?
Serious question.
This level of corruption is okay now? Really?