Barnaby Joyce, not Nats Leader or Deputy Prime Minister


Capitalised, so it’s a title? classy swearing.

I dunno, whoever runs this website…


It’ll be the bracket.


It’s because of his winning charisma and insightful public comments and intelligent policy ideas.
Sam Dastyari would be kicking himself he never thought to put his ■■■■ in that Chinese advisor, then it all would’ve been A OK.


Well that’s (EDIT: yes this works) stupid

Hey Rolo, this is real dumb!



Edit. Yep the brackets)


Nah. He’s playing for the wrong team.


Just on the moral issue, I read that in 2009, Shorten potted his current wife when both were married to other people. So that one isn’t flying.

But this is more about misuse of public funds, employment rules etc.


Like I said, I don’t care who he ■■■■■.
I just object to paying for it.
That’s why he has to go, and the fact that he hasn’t yet shows unbelievable weakness in the PM.

Again, I wouldn’t expect Shorten to behave any differently.
I’d expect the smallest local council to, though.


It’s ok guys. The National party endorsed this behaviour. How the country can be held to ransom by this splinter group is beyond me.


If you can believe ‘random’ polling of opinions apparently most people in New England today can’t see anything wrong with Joyce.




So everyone else will think Arnold Schwarzenegger is our PM and that Austria and Australia really are the same place.


He’s our guy, he’s fit to be the prime minister should we need him to*!

*just not this week.


Porking, pork barrelling, being actually made of pork. These are a few of things that make this bloke the pig he is. Then there’s stuff like this


Rolo, you really should try to keep up. :wink: We discovered and discussed the trick about a year ago.


OK a few deep breaths and in again.
What I couldn’t give a ■■■■ about. NO, what no one should give a ■■■■ about, personal relationships. If two people want to have relationship they will, they can, full stop. Lots of mature relationships break down, if it’s broke and all that. Who knows what goes on behind the domestic facade…derr Fred.

What I also couldn’t give a ■■■■ about. Politicians fiddling with entitlements and jobs. If this upsets the tax payers so much, what about all the ex party members in soft jobs expensive jobs overseas, try counting them if you can. They’re fiddling with the till, lot more serious stuff going on to be frank.

What I do care about.
The ■■■■■■■■ who cut the legs from under the free range egg industry by allowing any prick to claim the label. Now the shelves are full of eggs produced in cruel conditions, some major chains aren’t even offering the real free range eggs. Thanks Barnaby.
The ■■■■■■■■ who allows irrigators to corrupt our water policy and destroy our major rivers. Thanks Barney
The ■■■■■■■■ runs interference for the live export industry, the same industry NZ won’t touch because its frankly too dirty. Ditto.

Same bloke, yeah, so why not get rid off him. OK, I’m in, get rid of the prick, but do it for the right reasons, but get ready to meet the same boss and all that.

PS Hear Dutton called Joyce immoral, excuse me while I gag. That ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ keeps children in detention to this day. What a moral barometre.


I do enjoy a good rant. Well played.


You forgot allowing farmers land to get fracked


You’d hope Turnbull did his research before extending the “rule” from ‘don’t work with partners’ to ‘don’t ever have sexual relations with a worker’.

Or maybe he’s simply trusting the MSM not to destroy him within a day of that change.