Barnaby Joyce, not Nats Leader or Deputy Prime Minister

To be fair to Malcolm, half his own team have been trying to ■■■■ him from day one.



Agree but getting rid of him for all of those reasons hasn’t really worked out so far. I’m fact, they can barely gain traction in the MSM let alone get linked to him. It has taken something trivial to shine a spotlight on things. That’s the shallow ■■■■ the media deal in.

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Another one out today, I have a sneaky suspicion the flood gates may open now

Rupert in The Australian. WA Nats. Now the most junior federal MP. This is going to get more and more costly as those closer to the throne have to spell it out. Barn doesn’t seem to be facing reality too well. Surprising.

He’s beetrooted.

Hmmm, it’s been a while since we had an anti-terrorism raid in the news…


Presser at 2pm
Lots of noise that he’s gone.

To paraphrase Terry Wallet, if Matt Canavan replaces him, I’ll fair dinkum spew.

Not a great lot of alternative options!

A non-national as leader of the Nationals? Why not?

Oh wait

Are you listening to this? He’s gone straight for the cliche jugular.

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Weatherboard line?

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“Never about him”

Spare me.

Laters Barnaby… Announced 2pm today

He’s such a ■■■■, it’s unbelievable.

Why do these guys hang on for so long