Bathurst 2019

Go you fast things! Anyone watching?

Yeah once it starts. I have it on in the background for the moment.

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split screen astros yankees one side bathurst on the other side

Got it on in the foyer at work

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Already drama with one car stuck on course before the start, thereby delaying the start.

Conditions look ideal.

Shunt on lap 1, going up the mountain. Safety car out after less than 2 km. Got a little nudge that put the car into the wall.

shocking luck

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Geez how rough is that, not even the first lap done.

Not the sharpest start to a Bathurst, but certainly action packed.

The Masters race this morning was packed with “action” too…

Just thought I’d mention that I hate Neil Crompton. Very boring man with no idea of when to just shut up and let the visuals take centre stage.

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Chaotic few laps. Safety cars all over the top of the mountain.

captain no brain mostert …serial offender

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Man waters would be gutted. What a monumental ■■■■ up by mostert

what a mess

How bad has frosty fallen off the cliff in the last few years

Coulthard black flagged for holding the rest of the pack back on a safety care to allow his teammate to stay up front and save on double stacking. Basically cheating.

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It comes down to a bit of a sprint over the last 20 laps or so. Thw Mustang is still looking strong for the win.