BBC Reporter gets Bent on Horse

BBC reporter accidentally gets high from pile of burning heroin


December 23, 2014 | 9:37am
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The BBC’s Middle East correspondent has revealed the perils of reporting while standing next to a pile of burning heroin.

Quentin Sommerville posted a link to a video showing him struggling to finish his broadcast after he got high and burst into drug-fueled giggles.

In the video, which he called “Don’t inhale” and was filmed somewhere in the Middle East in the last year, Sommerville stands next to a huge burning pile of heroin, opium and hashish.

He tries to keep a straight face as he begins his report in serious foreign correspondent mode, by saying: “Burning behind me is 8½ tons of heroin, opium, hashish and other narcotics.”

But, high on the fumes, he dissolves into giggles, causing the cameraman to burst out laughing.

Sommerville attempts to regain his composure and urges the cameraman to try another take.

But the fumes prove too strong and he continues to fall into fits of laughter.

The reporter shared the video with his Twitter followers as a Christmas present.

“It’s been a year of bullets and bloodshed,” he wrote. “You’ve earned a Christmas laugh at my expense.”

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Saw this the other day. Very amusing.

Bears repeating.


Everyone I know, even for a fleeting moment, has wanted to be that guy.

Quoted Post

Bears repeating.

Am I only the only one who read this thread title and thought it was about something completely different…?

No. You pervert.

Yes. Apart from him. You perverts.