BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


@Eggs looks like he is going to ran over the top of me. JPK and Hall going absolutely nuts while I'm getting little from my guys.


Damn Newman coming in a late inclusion. Sitting on the pine with 77 points to half time. Selection likely to cost me the win.


Clarke and towers need 78 in a half to steal the win from me


I thought i was extremely vulnerable abd so i traded in to cover some donuts.

Very pleased to break into the 1400's considering i have quite a few 1st choice players missing. Ive comfortably exceded the UF predicted score so you've been stiff on several fronts.


Very good response after tasting defeat last week. If Parker has a big last could break 1700!


Wish I could have played against you again this week Smooth!


Ooh, and we have a draw this week!


Good win mate. Even Boaky's 153 couldn't drag me over the line.

Would have been down to the wire if Webster/Hunt didn't get injured though.

Hopefully I get revenge in finals :smile:


Thanks Wez. Yeah you had some bad luck and probably would have got me without it, especially with Wood stinking it up.

Not so sure about me making finals but after going for a full rebuild i'm pretty happy with the way my team has come along, although Tucker is dragging his feet but i still have faith the kid will be good.


8 scores above 1400 and 5 more above 1370. Very good week for the league.


6 losses in a row, rarely put a full team on the park, backline shithouse once again, still gots a way to go to be competitive on a weekly basis.


1 point, are you ■■■■■■■■ me. Play Bell over Taylor hill or Bruce and I win. Fark




Your match was a draw until they found a late hitout for Goldstein.


BBFFL#2 Round 8 Results

redbull 1395 Lost to Eggs 1415
51 Bewick 1115 Lost to saladin 1419
Wezza 1462 Lost to Don to Death 1527
cafegerat 1286 Lost to The Melkman 1389
Come Back Hirdy 1414 Lost to Smooth 1693
Birch19 1374 Lost to westozziebomber 1391
Stoops 1242 Defeated Ivan 1241
TrevorBix 1385 Lost to No. 5 1425
Bargey 1700 Defeated Silly Billy 1304




BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 8




In the eight! And only 2 wins and 2200 points off top!


I would like to launch a protest on the basis that Barge and Smooth averaging 1580+ for eight weeks is just too good!