BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


Big loss for me to lose the 2nd chance. I’m a huge chance to get knocked off by @No_5


Guessing you won’t want Dangerfield to get the week he deserves.


Yeah that wont be ideal for my elimination final if he gets rubbed out.


Congrats to all finalists!

Almost back into finals after one season in the wilderness, but not to be.

That said, pretty happy with where the squad is at.
Will be nice to have Deledio, Ryan Griffen and Christensen back next year after a combined 3 games between them this season.
Nice having a few young guys in a complete about face from my squad a couple of seasons ago.


Pleased that the Bulls have finally made it to the finals!

I have been really surprised at the scoring firepower of my side so far in 2017. Over the last 11 rounds my weekly score has not slipped outside of the top 3 - the only issue is that I have only once topped the round in scoring during this period. By comparsion, @Smooth has topped the round 6 times in the last 8 weeks.

Massive game this week for @Bargey and I. Win this and assuming @Eggs can’t cause a major upset we avoid Smooth until the Grand Final.


Huge congrats to all finalists and many thanks to all coaches for the season. Especially Red for the mountain of work he does.

Will be a fascinating finals series with most sides having doubts over key players.

Not sure how to feel about Saracens season. Boosted the average by 102 points per game relative to 2016. Thats not bad. Never really rated us a genuine threat to the top sides but off the top of my head only threw in a couple of legit poor weeks. Unfortunately, they were at horrible times and in a way the entire season hinged on Mills being knocked out by Bugg, and then two days later a late IN for Eggsy. A very costly weekend.

And now we have to move into a very tricky list management phase over summer. There’s a stack of raw talent that hasnt done itself justice just yet. Blokes like Stringer, Hopper, Francis are all going to give me a headache. I think we’ll delay all that for a while.


BBFFL# Table of the Day

This table in a summary of the position each team has held on the ladder on a weekly basis. It also confirms that Smooth is the only coach to have a 100% strike rate at making the finals.

BBFFL#2 Observation of the Day
This season we had 5 teams that were in the 8 for all 19 rounds. These were:

In 2016 there were 4 teams that occupied a spot in the top 8 after each of the 19 rounds. Remarkably enough the 4 teams which did this were 4 of the 5 teams that did it this year:

Of these coaches the last time they were not inside the Top 8 is as follows:
@Smooth - Round 10 2014
@Bargey - Round 19 2014
@Wezza - Round 6 2015
@Eggs - Round 19 2015

The only coaches not to spend at least 1 week inside the top 8 in 2017 were:

The last time these coaches were in the 8 were:
@Westozziebomber - Round 19 2016
@51Bewick - Round 18 2016
@SillyBilly - Round 19 2013
@ivan - never


I didnt realise I have never been on top of the ladder for the 6 years in the league. That sucks.


It’s like I’ve spent only 2 weeks in 18th yet managed to time it perfectly to get Pick 1.


Try never being in the top four!




I heard he may be looking for character references. You could run with something like:

“Your honour you need to understand that it’s essential Mr Dangerfield gets to play this week. I really need to win this Elimination Final. How else am I ever going to prove to @Bargey that I am a great fantasy coach and that Travis Boak has made the right call in staying true to Team Wezza.”


I actually had a fair score to round out the home and away season - third highest for the league this week. Sadly though I won’t be able to carry it through. JPK and Witts could both miss, which would mean fielding at least one zero, as well as missing another two of my best players.


Double chance to prove handy then


That’s cause you’re a ■■■■ coach mate.


Bout as long as Essendon @redbull


Next week (second week of finals), I’m going to be in Columbia, and potentially not near the internet to set my team. Would someone who has admin rights on UF mind ensuring that my best available line-up is set?

I’ll try and get on and do it myself if I can, and will post here if I’m successful.


I can do it mate. Pm me your details and il sort it out if your not around


Say hi to Cassie. Also probably don’t invest in any headphones whilst there!

Happy to help if needed.


Also happy to help if needed.