BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


ffs why couldn’t these teams have come in last week…

INS: Nathan Jones, Brett Deledio, Matt Priddis, Hugh McCluggage, Danyle Pearce
OUTS: Tom Williamson


Indicative Elimination Final Team:
In: Haynes, J. Walker
Out: Dangerfield, Cockatoo

Haynes, Roberton, Wilson, Hunt, Webster

Ellis, Boak, Neale, Ziebell, Hunter, Mundy, Witherden


B. Hill, Heeney, Watts, Cox, Walker

Pittard, Hickey, Schache, Partington


Smooth Operators Qualifying Final v Steez Merchants

B: Heath Shaw, Sam Docherty, Matt Suckling, Jarrad McVeigh, Jake Carlisle
C: Gary Ablett, Trent Cotchin, Luke Parker, Steele Sidebottom, Dylan Shiel, Jordan Lewis, Shaun Grigg
F: Richard Douglas, Cale Hooker, Alex Fasolo, Will Hoskin-Elliott, Toby Nankervis
R: Brodie Grundy
INT: Sam Powell-Pepper, Dan Houston, Rory Lobb, Andy Otten
IN: Ablett
OUT: Powell-Pepper


Conargo Bulls - Team to play Bargey in the BBFFL#2 Qualifying Final

Backs: Zac Williams, Nic Newman, Jarrod Harbrow, Andrew Mackie, Cameron Sutcliffe
Mids: Elliott Yeo, Joel Selwood, Scott Selwood, Liam Shiels, Bryce Gibbs, Brendon Goddard, Daniel Howe
Forwards: Jack Macrae, Jack Martin, Josh Jenkins, Hayden Crozier, Callum Sinclair
Ruck: Matthew Kruezer
Bench: Alex Neal-Bullen CF, Hugh Greenwood CF, Bailey Williams B, Cameron Pedersen RF
In: Cameron Sutcliffe, Hayden Crozier
Out: Alex Neal-Bullen, Hugh Greenwood

Tough week at selection. A couple of decent scorers getting dumped in favour of players in form with more favourable match ups. It will be interesting to see if the risk is rewarded.


Steez Merchants Qualifying Final team v Smooth

B: Luke McDonald, Christian Salem, Shane Savage
Adam Tomlinson, Zaine Cordy (lol)
C: Aaron Hall, Daniel Wells, Caleb Daniel, Anthony Miles.
Kieren Jack, Ryan Lester, Joshua Schoenfeld (who?)
R: Daniel Currie (lol)
F: Josh Kennedy, Taylor Walker, Jake Barrett
Ryan Schoenmakers (lol), Wylie Buzza (lol)

I am missing 7 unquestionably best 18 players, plus others that would have been preferable to some of the guys I’ll field this week.

The good news is I’ll field 18, with free agency somehow delivering two ruck eligible players. I also picked up someone called Schoenfeld to round out the team. It’s going to be ugly.


Oh, so NOW Hopper plays again!

I guess at least, maybe , i get a look at what i have on the list.

Be nice if Woosh gave Francis and Mutch a game or three too.


after we lose to the blues, we might as well give them a shot!



End of Season Review – Notorious BIX

I, Paul Seedsman, am back from a self-imposed writing exile, to write this exposé on the state of affairs at the Notorious BIX FC. I apologise to my loyal readers, as this year has been a busy one and my writing has suffered. I have been battling persistent groin injuries, Adelaide induced depression and to be honest, Smooth’s continual presence has upset me to the point of distraction. I will try to be as level headed, humble and honest as I can be during this review, qualities I am universally admired for.

What went wrong? The Notorious BIX, fresh off making finals last year and being voted by their peers as the best up and coming team in the competition, have regressed, dropping to a lowly and Saladin style 11th. This was even after the return of blond haired W.O.M.D Dyson Heppell, and Jaeger “Rested with Knee Soreness for 8 weeks” O’Meara. A review at the club, which was said to be tumultuous, has come up with three primary reasons:

1. The Tyrannical and Corrupt Figurehead of the BBFFL2, Redbull.

Chief of the N.B. legal department, Darcy Gardiner, has levelled some scathing allegations at senator Redbull, current and long-term autocrat of the league. In recent press conferences, he has alleged that RB has manipulated the draft, the trades, the media and the free agent list in a deliberate move to cripple the fast rising BIX. “I think it’s obvious that we were stealing a lot of his thunder last year” stuttered Gardiner, famously shy in public, “His rise this year is highly anomalous – how could a team so mediocre for so long, all of a sudden make top four? You do the maths – it doesn’t add up”. What is rumoured to have triggered this response is the league wide decision to not trade any centres to the Bix in the offseason, known internally as the “Conargo Embargo”.

The board of NB is said to have approached the Governer General, looking for the Queen to step in pull a Gough Whitlam or even better a Ned Stark. In addition to this, the army has been brought in to defend star recruit Sean Darcy, who according to Gardiner is about “99% chance to inexplicably end up on fuhrer RB’s squad in the off-season”.

“Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power
Red Bull, 2017

Senator Bull after passing the Conargo Embargo, February 2017

2. The Rich get Richer, and the Poor get Poorer.

The BBFFL2, reflecting western society in general, is a caste system where the rich capitalist pigs rule the nest, and the poor teams are left to eat whatever regurgitated worms the top 4 teams choose to vomit into our open mouths. Team socialist, Tom Lynch, recently wrote this in his blog Marx Harvey, “Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!”. Its rumoured that Tom’s aggressive blog was not vetoed by the club after review, indicating that a socialist-communist uprising may be imminent. The club hasn’t been drawn into what measures a socialist league would introduce, except for perhaps the reintroduction of Pazza.

Team Socialist Tom Lynch, pondering whether society should be inverted in the BBFFL2

“As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”
T. Bix, 2017

3. Coach Bix has been busy starting his new company and siring an heir to the Notorious Bix throne.

The third, and much more controversial, reason that the board has linked to the decline of the NB performance is a pregnant wife and a new company taking up a lot of his time, particularly during draft period. Bix has violently dismissed these as contributing factors to the poor performance of his side in 2017, instead siding with reasons 1 and 2. The board has disagreed, and declared that any more significant changes in lifestyle will lead to sterilisation. Fans of the NB are rejoicing however, knowing that the head coach role is now likely locked in for at least 100 years in the Bix family.

“When you play the game of fantasy football, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
Paul Seedsman, right now

Seedsman Out.


Bix doesn’t disappoint, however it seems that @redbull has overtaken me as public enemy #1!


Brilliant as always :smiley:

Congrats on pregnancy and the new business!


Outstanding work @TrevorBix. Well worth the wait! Congrats on the pending fatherhood.

With regards to the embargo on trading mids to me I’m probably in an ok position. My current squad has 16 players with mid eligibility!


the embargo was on trading them to me!!


Good to see my comprehension is English is first class.


All corrupt Tyrants are like that…


Need my minions to read for me.


BBFFL#2 Week 1 Finals Preview

Qualifying Finals
Eggs (4) vs Smooth (1)
UF Prediction: Eggs 1360 Smooth 1644
Head to Head: Eggs 2 Smooth 6
Last time: Eggs 1015 Lost to Smooth 1600 Round 16 2017
Form: Eggs WLWWW Smooth WWWWW
Last week: Eggs 1466 Smooth 1527
Final Record: Eggs 0W-2L Smooth 8W-5L
Finals Head to Head: Eggs 0 Smooth 1
Finals Last time: Eggs 1493 Lost to Smooth 1622 2016 Qualifying Final
Season Average: Eggs 1382 Smooth 1593

redbull (3) vs Bargey (2)
UF Prediction: redbull 1539 Bargey 1444
Head to Head: redbull 0 Bargey 6
Last time redbull 1579 Lost to Bargey 1743 Round 12 2017
Form: redbull WWLWW Bargey WWWLL
Last week: redbull 1511 Bargey 1435
Final Record: redbull First Final Bargey 4W-2L
Season Average: redbull 1542 Bargey 1566

Elimination Finals
Wezza (5) vs No. 5 (8)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1489 No. 5 1415
Head to Head: Wezza 6 No. 5 2
Last time: Wezza 1533 Defeated No. 5 1438 Round 16 2017
Form: Wezza WWWWL No. 5 LLWLW
Last week: Wezza 1442 No. 5 1455
Final Record: Wezza 3W-4L No. 5 3W-3L
Season Average: Wezza 1482 No. 5 1382

Come Back Hirdy (7) vs Don to Death (6)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1465 Don to Death 1342
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 1 Don to Death 5
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1303 Lost to Don to Death 1409 Round 10 2017
Form: Come Back Hirdy WLLWW Don to Death WWLWW
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1460 Don to Death 1207
Final Record: Come Back Hirdy 0W-1L Don to Death 5W-5L
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1418 Don to Death 1389


FFS Sam Reid FFS.


Reasonably pleased with my start - 474 from 5 players. Scott Selwood’s 131 went some way to offsetting Joel’s injury impacted 64.

Also praise must be given to Pazza’s old fantasy favourite in Tom Lonergan for keeping Buddy to only 37 points.


I’m toast.

Thanks Mundy!