BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


Also did anyone notice Darcy Gardiner get injured early in the game only daya after questioning the status quo?


Well that score from Longer was mighty helpful.


BBFFL#2 - Finals Week 1 Changes

Bargey - L Plowman B moved to Emg 1 to replace M Boyd B


How’s that going for you, red? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: in all seriousness, it would take about 14 injuries each to prevent you or smooth from reaching the grand final.


Easy passage through to the prelims for the Operators! :sunglasses:


Yep seriously stuffed up at selection this week. Likely to have dropped 2 players to the bench who scored tons.

Thought it was only fair to give at @Bargey a fighting chance.


And with that I see J Selwood is as good as done for the fantasy season. Big loss for the Bulls. This bench depth will be needed.


Congrats on the win CBH and good luck in the rest of the finals.


Thanks DTD, you were cruelled by injuries and I’m sure you’ll be back up there next year.

Glad to win my first final though. I will savour my finals record being at 1-1 for a whole week before Barge knocks me out.


Congrats Wezza!

My frustrating season comes to an end. Highlights/lowlights include:

Poor runs with injury (Rockliff, Coniglio, Murphy, Hampson, T. Boyd);
Shocking GM calls (Whitecross over R. Henderson, no bona fide scoring ruckman);
Unforeseen falls from grace in the hierarchy - also known as lack of ability (Hartlett, Bird, Bastinac, Mayne)

BUT… Emergence of quality fantasy players (J. Cameron, Sicily, Mullett, Berry, May)

Looking forward ti actually doing something at the trade table this off-season. I’ve been inactive for far too many recently.

I’m hitching my bandwagon to Redbull for remainder of finals. #TeamBull


BBFFL#2 Week 1 - Finals Results
Eggs 1179 lost to Smooth 1559
Redbull 1592 defeated Bargey 1318
Wezza 1540 defeated No. 5 1451
Come Back Hirdy 1503 defeated Don to Death 1196


BBFFL#2 Week 2 Finals Fixture
Eggs vs Wezza
Bargey vs Come Back Hirdy


Sorry mate.

I honestly thought I was cooked.

Mundy at ~25ish at halftime, but then Ziebell had a monster 2nd half.

I was lucky that a I got a big score from Longer and Neale went mega.


geez Redbull’s half of the draw has opened up!


Poor Barge.


Thread needs more finals banter and/or discussion about how rubbish Bix and Paul Seedsman are.


Sure does

My team is enjoying the week off. Disappointed that Jelwood is done, but super happy to get Lyons back. I thought he was done.

Rest up boys - 2 more big weeks ahead!


Right, I’ve managed to put a team in. Even worse than last week. I think this will be consecutive years I’ve finished top 4 and gotten knocked out in straight sets?


I want an elaborate statistical analysis from @redbull on the consistent underperformance of Notorious B.I.X and the correlation between a lack of Seedsman Times articles and their demise from finalist to also-rans in 2017…