BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


Here’s the 1st Semi Final team to smash some eggs.

In: Dangerfield, Brayshaw, Jetta
Out: Witherden, Watts, Cox

Haynes, Roberton, Wilson, Hunt, Webster
Dangerfield, Ellis, Boak, Neale, Ziebell, Hunter, Mundy
B. Hill, Heeney, Jetta, Brayshaw, Walker

Pittard, Partington, Miles, Soldo


BBFFL#2 Semi Final Preview

Wezza (5) vs Eggs (4)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1552 Eggs 1264
Head to Head: Wezza 3 Eggs 4
Last time: Wezza 1469 Lost to Eggs 1571 Round 10 2017
Form: Wezza WWWLW Eggs LWWWL
Last week: Wezza 1540 Eggs 1179
Final Record: Wezza 4W-4L Eggs 0W-3L
Season Average: Wezza 1485 Eggs 1371

Come Back Hirdy (7) vs Bargey (2)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1491 Bargey 1512
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 1 Bargey 5
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1439 Lost to Bargey 1586 Round 16 2017
Form: Come Back Hirdy LLWWW Bargey WWLLL
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1503 Bargey 1318
Final Record: Come Back Hirdy 1W-1L Bargey 4W-3L
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1422 Bargey 1554


My freo players are feeling so bad that Eggs is two short, they decided to not bother scoring.


Eggs hits the lead.




Ziebell out so get partingtons 30. Hmmm. Hoping my demons/saints give me some breathing space.


Changes to BBFFL#2 Semi Final Teams
Wezza - L Partington C moved to Emg 1 to replace J Ziebell
Eggs - K Turner removed from emergencies as all forwards played


BBFFL#2 Semi Final Results
Wezza 1343 defeated Eggs 1183
Come Back Hirdy 1361 lost Bargey 1492

BBFFL#2 Preliminary Finals Match Ups
Smooth vs Bargey
Redbull vs Wezza


Shame Barge didn’t go out in straight sets.

I’ve got a tough ask against the Bulls this week. Neale/Hill/Mundy/Ziebell have me concerned they might be ‘managed’ for rest of season.


Fingers crossed my boys have got 2 more weeks in them. By a quick rough and dirty count I have my team scoring 1594 this week. Pederson with a big 125 throws up an interesting selection dilemma.




Mundy is cooked. I hate carrying him in the other league


I’m hoping the nuffies at UF are watching him play forward and give him a CF for next season.


I went to the last freo home game against GC and he barely left the 50 or front half. I reckon he’s definitely carrying something


I’m just arrived in Europe so I won’t be watching any footy for next two weeks so selection will be pure guess work.


A sad end to an interesting season for the Steez Merchants. Second consecutive year of finishing top four, and second consecutive year of getting eliminated in straight sets.

Injuries killed me. This year it wasn’t missing players for the season (Rioli was my only LTI nomination), but so many of my best players missed games, and often many missed games at the same time. The chart below shows my collapse around mid-year, which briefly eased before hitting hard again in finals. It’s a bit of a miracle that I managed to finish top 4.

This season included 3 of my top 10 all-time scores, as well as my worst score ever.

I’m still really happy with where the team is. I have a good number of really premium players, and a relatively young list. I go into next year with two first round picks that I can either trade or use. I have young players with a bunch of upside.

I’m really looking forward to trade period, and as always, everything is on the table.

I’ll put up a summary of my best and fairest later in the week, and might follow that with a summary of my draft.


Steez Merchants Best and Fairest 2017

Winner - Luke McDonald - 36 votes
Luke not only finished first in game-by-game voting, but also delivered the highest total score for the club this season, after playing every game.

He initially joined the club in the 2014 draft with pick 5. To get that pick, I’d traded Bachar Houli for Cyril Rioli and an upgrade from pick 9. I really rated McDonald, and was desperate to get a pick early enough to nab him. He was OK in his first year, averaging 65, but fell away after that, leading to his de-listing at the end of 2016. I re-drafted him with pick 50 this year (my second pick), just in time for his breakout season.

Runner-up - Taylor Walker - 34 votes
My first pick in this year’s draft (14 overall). I said in my draft review that I thought he was likely to be the highest scorer drafted for 2017, which was nearly right (round 10 pick and former Steez Merchant Kane Lambert scored more for Bargey). Tay Tay has been a consistent presence and scorer, much needed in a forward line that looked pretty slim prior to the draft.

3rd - Jack Riewoldt 29 votes
4th - Christian Salem 27 votes
5th - Aaron Hall 26 votes

I thought it notable that 2 of my top 5 overall scorers (Jarrod Witts and Josh P Kennedy) couldn’t crack the top 5 in the B&F, nor could 4 of the best 5 average scores (JP Kennedy, Witts, Curnow and JJ Kennedy). Voting system definitely plays a part.


Great write up @eggs I love reading how other coaches rate their seasons and players. Also when I get around to it I want to include as many of these BnF results as possible in the BBFFL#2 Hall of Fame.


Thanks mate.

I have all my B&Fs recorded, and would love to include them in a HoF.


Just about close to my worst side picked this year at a time where I can least afford it. Grundy suspended and Ablett injured/not giving a ■■■■ about the Suns anymore. Fasolo out doesn’t help. This far don’t have a bench unless some of my guys that are on extended benches or emergencies come in as late inclusions. When can we pick up Free Agents? Tonight? Do we have to go through waivers or is it first in best dressed?