BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


It’s free for all pickups until start of match now.


Might struggle to get a preview done for the Prelims. Best of luck to the other 3 remaining contenders.


Your team will flog the pants off mine, no luck required!


Not so sure about that. Missing a few of my best 18 in J Selwood, Newman and Lyons so my depth will be tested. Assuming your extended bench guys get through it should be very even.


BBFFL#2 Preliminary Final Preview

Smooth (1) vs Bargey (2)
UF Prediction: Smooth 1518 Bargey 1491
Head to Head: Smooth 3 Bargey 4
Last Time: Smooth 1474 lost to Bargey 1671 Round 7 2017
Form: Smooth WWWW- Bargey WLLLW
Last Week: Smooth N/A Bargey 1492
Finals Record: Smooth 9W-5L Bargey 5W-3L
Finals Head to Head: Smooth 1 Bargey 0
Finals Last Time: Smooth 1554 defeated Bargey 1484 Preliminary Final 2016
Season Average: Smooth 1592 Bargey 1551

Redbull (3) vs Wezza (5)
UF Prediction: Redbull 1466 Wezza 1518
Head to Head: Redbull 1 Wezza 7
Last Time: Redbull 1511 defeated Wezza 1442 Round 19 2017
Form: Redbull LWWW- Wezza WWLWW
Last Week: Redbull N/A Wezza 1343
Finals Record: Redbull 1W-0L Wezza 5W-4L
Season Average: Redbull 1545 Wezza 1478

Preview completed from the departure lounge of the airport in Malta!


My team to lose to the Bulls.
In: Ziebell, Witherden
Out: Neale, Partington


2 handy ins


Heeney in a run-with role and stinking it up. 12 at Half Time :frowning:


He clearly got rolling in the 2nd half


■■■■■■ greenwood though.


Saw Boak’s score and was stoked, but didn’t realise you had Macrae. FML.


Not happy about having to take de Boer’s 40 with Shiels a late out…


Think I’m cooked unless plenty of @wezza remaining players stink it up.


I’m still a long way back and anything can happen!


I reckon you’re calling it too early, RB. That said, the rivalry grand final between Barge and Wez is definitely in play.


Yeah you went way too early. 62 to Pedersen at half time should have you booking a GF position.


Wouldnt have troubled anyone in the finals anyway, given Fanta, Hurls, Jobe and Stringer. But Beams is showing late in the year just how much his injuries hurt me this season.


He Went big and my saints and roos just not scoring. I can’t bridge the 400 gap.


Just woke up. Can Crozier and my points hold on. Really want these games to hurry up and end!


Not sure my team can hold on now. Only 130 points up with a half to go from Crozier vs B Hill, Mundy and B Ellis. If all 4 players replicate their first half scores Wezza gets home by 10 points.