BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


Going to be a tight finish.


I think i’m done. Ellis has decided to stop scoring.
Dont think I can catch up the 100 + Crozier with my Mundy, Hill, Ellis.

Congrats he GF redbull. I’ll be backing you in and not that Port lover Bargey. (ooh shit that game was closer that I remembered, might be Smooth!)


Just about to leave Wifi cover for the next few hours. Fingers crossed nothing amazing happens and my team holds on.


You ripper!!


Congrats mate. Way too good.


Brutal outcome for Smooth. Loses 2 games for the entire season, but one of them had to come in the Prelim. Ouch!


Thanks mate. You put up a great flight. Was certain you were going to run over the top.

Now for @Bargey!


Sorry Smooth I got very lucky with some of my players firing big. Honestly didn’t think I had a chance. Suspect RB will pants me in the GF, if the dogs give Boydy a send off game I might be a chance.

As for Wezza, my heart bleeds for you mate, and I don’t need or want your support.


Congrats to Barge and Red. Great seasons from you both, lads. Hopefully a tight final coming up.

Very very very unlucky, smooth. Shows the vaguaries of this game.


All the annual Merv Neagle BBFFL#2 vote count will be postponed until next week. Too much focus on the Grand Final this week!


What were the final scores?


Redbull 1549 d Wezza 1476
Bargey 1578 d Smooth 1539


Surprised I got that close in the end given who I had missing. Once again get undone by injuries and also Grundy’s suspension. Very frustrating given I’ve probably had the best team for a good 3-4 years. Glad to see RB in the Grand Final, made some bold trades and it has paid off for him. Good luck to both coaches in the GF, really will be a 50-50 decider.


The Bulls are very happy to get back Shiels, Lyons and Newman back for the Grand Final. Losing de Boer has taken away a bit of flexibility on my bench. On the opposite side @Bargey will pleased to have Matty Boyd back.

Disappointed that club captain Joel Selwood misses out in the chance to leads the boys out in the big one. Reece Conca one of only two of my remaining original draftees (along with Shiels) also couldn’t get up for the game. Club stalwarts in David Armitage and Jamie MacMillan will also be missed.


Best of luck to both Grand Finalists! I’m jealous, and hope to be there in the coming years.

I’ll be back the Bulls for this one, but I hope it’s close.


BBFFL#2 Grand Final Preview

redbull (3) vs Bargey (2)
UF Prediction: redbull 1574 Bargey 1513
Head to Head: redbull 1 Bargey 6
Last time: Redbull 1592 defeated Bargey 1318 2017 Qualifying Final
Form: redbull WWW-W Bargey LLLWW
Last week: redbull 1549 Bargey 1578
Finals Record: redbull 2W-0L Bargey 6W-3L
Finals Head to Head: redbull 1 Bargey 0
Finals Last Time: Redbull 1592 defeated Bargey 1318 2017 Qualifying Final
Season Average: redbull 1545 Bargey 1552
Season Record: redbull 17W-4L Bargey 18W-4L
Teams lost to: redbull - Wezza, Eggs, Bargey and Smooth. Bargey - Eggs, Don to Death, Saladin and Redbull
Grand Finals Record: Redbull First appearance Bargey 1W-0L - 2015 Bargey 1780 defeated Stoops 1471


Goodluck gentlemen


Good luck fellas.
Unfortunately Barge is the US and missed the Reid late out. So hopefully no more B’s are late withdrawals.


That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said about @bargey in this comp’s history!


Happy to see that I beat both Grand Finalists this year!

Good luck both. Hope it’s a ripper.