BBFFL#2 2017 Discussion


All ya need is luck. Well done barge


Yup. Finals are a ■■■■■, you just gotta hope your players arent rested for the last few rounds.


The post Round 23 bye seems to have limited the number of rested players making it cleaner for fantasy finals. Injuries are the real killer especially for players from a team outside of finals contention.


That list really shows how badly Burras season was affected by injuries. Just couldn’t get a run at it until the last 3 or 4 rounds. Hopefully have a bit more good fortune in the upcoming season. :roll_eyes:


Now that the season is over, can everyone please cut their lists on UF back to 30 players. This puts all players currently on the LTI list back to normal and has everyone back on even footing with squad sizes.

This should be done by the end of the AFL finals.




Wonderful win, Barge. Congrats on putting together a squad that could cover some key outs.

Bad luck, Red. But a great year however you view it.

Thanks to all coaches for another enjoyable year.


2 minutes of “list managment” analysis reveals a stupidly difficult headache for a side that finished 10th ! The perils of drafting potential in a 33% turnover comp, lol.


Happy to take a couple of headaches off your hands.


I reckon my list will provide a few delisting headaches. A couple of first rounders should ease the pain though.


2017 Yambag Season Review

I was hoping to get out of the bottom four this season, never expected to make the 8, but just looking at making a rise up the ladder. The first two weeks of the season saw victories and i was getting ahead of myself, could i possibly make the 8? No ■■■■■■■ chance. I think i then lost the next 11 or something and the season was over much quicker than i hoped for.

Injuries, poor form and the bye rounds absolutely killed me, i could not put up any competitive score during the bye rounds. i had no team.

To make things worse, in the finals, when my team wasn’t playing, my most productive period of the season happened to occur. My season avg was a pathetic 1252 but during the finals i averaged 1404 including a 1511 in week 3 which is possibly my best score ever.

To put it bluntly, this season ■■■■■■■ sucked.


Sam Mayes (80) Breakout season, missed only one game and is still only 23.

Tom Langdon (73) Unfortunately Tom missed the first half of the season but is a solid scoring back who is also just 23.

Andrew McGrath (71) 20 games and an absolute gem, will only get better, happy with this first pick from last year.

Mark Baguley (65) Solid contributor, much better in the second half of the year, possible trade or delistee though due to age.

Scott Thompson (61) I hate this prick. Scored ok. Don’t want him in my side next season.

Tom Stewart (60) Picked up in last years draft as a mature age - 24yo. Averaged 71 in the last half of the season.

Luke Brown (59) Thought this bloke would take the next step, he didn’t. Really disappointing year. I’ll delist him then he’ll play like a champ for somebody else.

Ryan Harwood (51) Backup, 9 games. Spud.

Mackenzie Willis (37) 2 games as cover. Gone.


Jack Viney (91) Great year, not injured too much. Many good years left in this 23yo.

Luke Dunstan (88) Frustrating year, missed six games due to form, which i thought was ok, really missed him mid year. Averaged 109 in his last 6. Of course 4 of these were irrelevant for my non finals side. 22yo, massive hopes for him.

Andrew Swallow (81) Scott didn’t play him for 6 games because he thought he didn’t need him. Scott is a wanker and was wrong. Not sure what to do with him next year.
Darcy Parish (78) Good second year for Darcy, can only see his scoring improving over the years.

Chris Masten (78) Started the year really well then was dropped around bye time and played only 3 games in the second half, possible trade or chopping block me thinks.

David Mackay (67) Brought in as midfield depth and did his job ok.

David Myers (65) Missed 8 games. Scored about as much as i expected.

Ben Howlett (56) Brought in as mid/fwd depth/cover and that’s what he was.

Joe Atley (45) A little disappointed. Thought he would play more than 3 games based on this pre season. He was my second pick and i may have reached. One for the future.


Tom Bellchambers (84) Massive year from Bellcho. Sucked that he only played 13 games.

Kurt Tippett (62) You suck Tippett. 9 games, 3 of them didn’t count. This ■■■■■■■■ was a major contributor to my ■■■■ season.

Darcy Cameron (0) Who? Didn’t play a game after showing good signs in the presaon, Longmire couldn’t find a spot even with Tippet out.


Jack Billings (95) 22yo who had a fantastic year, can only see improvement in this lad.

Devon Smith (82) Missed 6 games and injury prone unfortunately, though when on the park scores pretty well and still just 24.

Tom Hawkins (78) Tom is very inconsistent, scores great one week then poor the next, that’s just what you get from him.

Tim Membrey (72) A decent scorer who is still young, 23.

Christian Petracca (71) Tapered off a bit towards the end of the year, but still young and part of my future.

Charlie Curnow (71) Absolutely wrapped with Curnow, can only see him improving. Averaged 83 in the last half. To get him and Membrey for J Riewoldt, was a good trade for both. Even though WOB thought i lost big time afterwards!

Cam McCarthy (58) Struggled after his year off. Disappointed in him.

Dan Butler (56) A decent depth forward who played most of the year.

Eric Hipwood (46) Eric is a poor scorer in fantasy but i think he looks the goods. Still very raw, I think i would be kicking myself in years to come if I let him go. Major Dilemma.

Anyway, hopefully this wasn’t too long and boring for my fellow coaches and I’m sure you are all shaking in your boots when we battle next year. I thought id leave you with a couple of coaching masterstrokes i’ve completed over the last few years which don’t haunt me at all.

Jarryd Lyons - 2014 avg 55, 2015 avg 45, i understandably delist him - 2016 avg 89, 2017 avg 95.

Tom Cutler - 2014 avg 45, 2015 avg 57, i reluctantly delist him - 2016 avg 71, 2017 avg 76.

Kane Lambert - 2015 avg 64, 2016 avg 63, i keep Oleg Markov over him, 2017 avg 86.


I can sympathize with that and I why I noted earlier on that having lists of 20 devalues the draft significantly. I can see a pretty strong argument for increasing list sizes to 25. Going into this year’s draft I’m basically going to have a list full of potential and maybe 3 genuinely established gun fantasy players.

I already have 6 (or 5?) picks inside of 30 for the coming draft so the hold/delist situation is going to be even tougher next year


Who is on the table for a 1st rounder?


Haven’t had a good look yet but probably will be willing to trade someone of quality.


When does the trade period open?


Could this be the year Boaky goes to his spiritual home?


Such a tease…


I think we hold off opening the trade period until post AFL Grand a Final. In the interim I think we should consider any potential rule changes for next season.

One I would like to raise is dual position players covering potential 0s. For example if you have 2 rucks named in your starting 18 - one as your ruck and the other as the forward. If the one named as your ruck fails to play then they could be covered by RF, with the missing forward then covered by a forward from the bench. This would work to limit 0s.


I like that idea and can’t really see a downside.

I’d also like to put forward the change to the fixture that i mentioned earlier in the season that once everyone has played everyone once the remaining games are played against coaches in your area of the ladder.


You mean from the previous season? I think the fixture is locked once the season starts - assuming UF still exists and or is our preferred tool.