BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Welcome again to BBFFL#2 for 2018. Firstly another massive congratulations to @Bargey for winning the 2017 flag and becoming the 2nd dual premiership coach after our first 6 seasons. Our other multiple flag winner in @Westozziebomber had the biggest fall in 2017 going from flag winner to wooden spooner runner up, meaning he just missed out on adding another item to his BBFFL#2 prize cabinet.

This season we have 2 new coaches joining us with @Aceman and @Jave are replacing @Smooth and @SillyBilly. Whilst always disappointing to see coaches leave, these new additions will no doubt add an exciting new perspective for 2018.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up on UF. We are only waiting for one final registration - @Aceman.

Whilst trading has been a little quiet so far, I expect things to ramp up over the next few days as the JLT Cup matches kick into action. Trading will continue until 6pm on 2 March – so there isn’t a heap of time to get those trades done!

All the key dates for this year are as follows:

JLT Community Series 24 February to 11 March
Round 1 commences 22 March

Final trades to be finalised by 6pm 9 March
Squads to be trimmed to 20 by 8pm 11 March
Morning of 12th March a spreadsheet with available players will be circulated
Draft to commence from midday on 12 March
Draft to be completed by Tuesday 20 March
Partial Lockout for Round 1 at 7.25pm Thursday 22 March

For our keepers, my preference is for you to select your 20 keepers in UF rather than posting in Blitz. Any trades that take place will not be reflected immediately on UF and I will add the players once the keepers are finalised. Anyone wishing to list a LTI will have to do so prior to the commencement of the draft to get a pick in the post draft ‘LTI Draft’. Otherwise you will have to wait until the first free agency period to acquire a replacement.

Draft Format
One thing up for debate is the drafting format. Whilst I will still send out the initial spreadsheet I am thinking it might be easier to run things through UF. This will ensure only available players are picked up. I have always preferred drafting through Blitz but with a little uncertainty regarding my work commitments I think UF might be easier. We would still at a minimum post the overall draft picks in Blitz. However, this is not set in stone and I am happy to be guided by consensus.

Personally, I am looking forward to going one better than 2017 and getting myself a premiership. I really hope the remainder of you are playing for second place with 2018 the year of the Bulls! As always let me know if you have any questions or issues.


Thanks RB.

Drafting through UF was super easy in bbff1. I think we should.

I think the only potential issue is the max time value. I can’t remember how long we have to pick, but if we set it to like 12hrs.this could fall outside normal waking hours and then have this pick skipped if no saved rankings

This league is a bit more active on the sms, so might not be an issue.

I’m sure @Dunlop will give advise on what the advantages and optimal settings are though.


Hold on, didnt I finish second last haha


I hope No5 and I finished next to each other again, we really connect during draft time.


Yep you’re right!

Sorry @Ivan the spoon is still yours!


Pick 1 will not let me forget. When is the draft btw?


lol, read up mate.


Ah cheers.

Another question. How does the lti work with your keeper list? Can you take in 20 plus 1 lti?

Does Dan Rioli qualify for lti?


a LTI has to be part of your 20 keepers, however you can get an extra pick at the back end of the draft to make up for the fact that they’re on LTI.

So effectively you can’t have 21 keepers, but you can get an 11th pick at the end of the draft.


What are our thoughts on pushing the draft back a week? The original league are doing this? Based on previous experience we should get he draft done in time and the added advantage is we get longer to finalise trades and decide on our keepers.


happy to do with whatever inconveniences @Bargey the most.


Sounds good


Fine by me.

Looks like Aceman hasn’t joined UF yet.


Good with me


No dramas


No issue here.


So I think we have consensus based on these responses to push the timeline back a week. I’ll adjust the opening post.


Opening post now updated


@redbull is there anything stopping me taking more than 10 picks? Ie, say my squad is at 18, can I use 12 picks?


Fwiw Monday mornings always sees me jammed in review meetings untill lunchish which may delay me on draft day. Have we ever started it on a Sunday?