BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Should squeeze home for a win now, but a terrible week. Beams may change this, but so far not one player has scored a 90+ for me.


You were saying?


BBFFL#2 Round 7 Results
redbull 1510 Defeated Stoops 1320
Don to Death 1242 Lost to Ivan 1304
Vandrs 1110 Lost to saladin 1267
Eggs 1429 Defeated Come Back Hirdy 1393
Wezza 1511 Defeated westozziebomber 952
The Melkman 1423 Lost to Bargey 1541
No. 5 1346 Defeated TrevorBix 1316
51 Bewick 1410 Defeated cafegerat 1368
Birch19 1227 Lost to Aceman 1398


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 7


I can’t believe I won a game…


Cop that, Bix! :wink:


To be fair you only beat Bix…


Don’t rain on my parade.


Three wins for the year, it wasn’t meant to be this way


You’re only a game outside the 8 now!


My total score is a better indication of where I’m at


Yes, disappointing loss to a minnow. A ruckman and josh kelly back would be handy soon.


Not sure Kelly and a ruckman would outweigh me regaining Jeremy Cameron, Hamish Hartlett, Tom Rockliff, Steven May, Sam Reid (Syd), Trav Colyer & Levi Greenwood into my best 18. But you keep that optimism up!


Burras at breaking point with injuries
Dion Prestia, Toby Greene, Tom Scully, Tom Lynch, Brayden Fiorini, Shaun Grigg.


Is there a reason why every player is a RFA? Has this always been the case?

Normally when a player is dropped they just remain a RFA for the week after they were dropped, not just referring to how the other league do it, but similar fantasy comps.

I know we have a free for all from 12:01AM when the RFA tag gets changed to FA but this really hurts the guys on the bottom of the ladder, like myself.

For example, I need a ruck. With the news that Joe D is out for a while it looks like Smack will get a call up, but I have no chance to grab him unless the guys ahead of me don’t make a waiver claim on him ( where is this waiver order anyway?). Now he SHOULD be a FA after sitting in the pool for so long which means one of down the bottom of the ladder could grab him.

Now I know we can’t change it now, but maybe we can discuss this next year if people share a similar view. I just think this may see an evening out in the comp and make things a little even.

My idea is this.

Any player dropped after round 1 is a RFA for the following week. After that they go back to the FA pool and free to be picked up during the set times. Maybe RFA players can be picked up any time between the end of the previous round till 12:00am Friday.

1 and only 1 FA selection can be made between 12:01am and 12pm. I am more than happy to police this if I’m allowed to carry on coaching this team in 2019.

From 12pm to bounce on Friday night then you can grab as many FA’s as you like.

Rinse and repeat!!

Feel free to tell me to slow my role if I’m talking out of place


You are a coach in the league and free to voice your opinion and vote on suggestions just the same as anyone else.


Oh yeah, we’re not above constructive criticism, or even unconstructive criticism - we’ve all copped enough from BIX that we don’t take anything personally.

I think the main reason we didn’t do something like you suggest was that UF doesn’t allow for that sort of complexity and nobody had offered to do the policing - if you’re up for it then I’m sure we’d consider it for next season.


I offered to do manual processing of RFA/FA’s last season to remove the 12:01 fest, but people preferred the current system.


I like your phone auto capitalises my name as a sign of respect


I was on my computer - my fingers autocapitalise BIX