BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Thank you very much whoever delisted Luke Breust. 3 scores over 100 in the last 5 games and a lowest score of 80 over this period. Very handy addition with pick 27. Almost makes up for missing out on Bailey Williams with Birch grabbing him 2 picks earlier.


Eggs and Melkman are the best 2 to trade with :slight_smile:


Naughton gone now. This is ridiculous.


But for Stanley id be a sure thing to get my highest ever score this week. Boo


On track for close to 1300 which is very pleasing. Hopefully we get back Murphy next week. Then in the coming weeks we should see Crouch, Elliott and Adams return. Harley Bennell is a sneaky chance to come in also!

And suurreellyyy we see Clarke debut this week. Patrick Wilson with another BOG in the SANFL should see him called up for a debut also.

Only 4 games outside the 8. Anything could happen after the bye.


Cunnington trying his guts out to get us back in it, and he’s almost there.

Hartung having a shocker may help me get with in 150 points before Collingwood v Geelong. Then I’ve got 2 extra players to chase that down.


Nankervis 119 and Lewis 97 both sitting on the pine :unamused:


131 from Vlastuin on my bench lol.


5 points behind on predicted scores. Need Jake to pull his gunfire out. 6 points for the half!!! WTF mate?


All changes made.


Ouch! Thought the boys had that one. Well done Ivan.


Brendan a’chee with a 95 for his first WCE outing was pleasing


Very close. If Stanley had been picked I probably would have got a pb


BBFFL#2 Round 8 Results
redbull 1503 Defeated Wezza 1376
Don to Death 1442 Lost to Stoops 1489
Vandrs 1303 Lost to Ivan 1325
Eggs 1298 Defeated saladin 1288
Come Back Hirdy 1318 Lost to Aceman 1582
The Melkman 1410 Defeated westozziebomber 1083
No. 5 1298 Lost to Bargey 1363
51 Bewick 1268 Defeated TrevorBix 1254
Birch19 1490 Defeated cafegerat 1331


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 8


Well done to @Eggs .

The vagaries of this game. I’ve scored more points than 7th and languish 3 wins behind in 15th!

Was a very poor weekend all round.


You were really unlucky. You have a much better team than your results suggest, while I’m in the opposite position.


Too good @redbull .

Team needs to bring their mouthguards to training this week after such a poor showing all round.


My team propped up by some massive scores this week, where the fark did that come from Crisp?? Last 3 weeks for me go… season best score, season second worst score, season second best. Friggin bi-polar.


Too many of my prime movers are in a basket case club - Essendon. And a couple more in the similarly surprisingly struggling GWS. If both can turn it around I’ll be ok. But it’s probably too late.