BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


And seriously, GWS, you’ve named Bonar as an emergency 5 or 6 times. He was in the NEAFL bests again on Saturday. And you’re playing like crap.

Give the kid a friggin game ya muppets!


typically you chose to have a good scoring week against me, was this pre arranged?


I would’ve preferred it against Aceman last week to dent his unblemished record :wink:


Just realised Phillips was ko’d early in the third. In a 10 point loss.

Without exaggerating, that must have happened to my side at least 5 times this season. Makes a difference.


That sucks. 5 narrow losses will shoot your season unless you’re one of the best team. 17 rounds or whatever it is we play doesn’t leave much margin for error. Or a lot of injuries.

Edit: Not that I would change it.


Hasn’t cost me a win each time. Probably two off the top of my head.

But it certainly impacts overall scoring, and like Horlin-Smith it’ll be interesting to see if it also costs me Phillips next week.

Frustrating season so far.


Burras 1st 22 injury list -

Toby Greene
Dion Prestia
Tom Scully
Tom Lynch
Brayden Fiorini
Shaun Grigg
Jeremy McGovern
Aaron Naughton
David Swallow
Mitch McGovern

Most of these are long term. This is very close to unsustainable.

Plus Jesse Lonergan


Yet you’ve banked enough wins to be sitting 5th. Once they start coming back you should get more wins and therefore should still make the 8. Do that and anything is possible.


Don’t kid yourself. My score which was 2nd worst of the round just beat the worst score. 3 of that team have gone down this week. This is not a one off. I have been suffering these sort of injuries for 4 seasons. Makes it very difficult to be enthusiastic.


You need some new blood.

I’ll trade ya Greene,Scully and Prestia for Ricky Dyson and Round 3 pick


Dunno, I heard a rumor Ricky was injured at training


I’m still trying to get to the weekly summaries but I’m struggling to stop focusing on the ladder.

Oh what a beautiful sight!


Looks like I’ll see Dylan Clarke and Marc Murphy in this week. Means I shuffle out some dud forwards.


I never thought I would live in a world where I would say I’m going to miss the injured Luke Brown, although somewhat balanced out by finally having Langford back and hopefully Sheed.

Very much missing Shuey and Liberatore, forcing me to play the likes of Tippa/McCarthy/Castagna in my forwardline whilst Anderson/Langdon/Caddy fill holes in my midfield.


Ridley selected! Just need to see Constable get a game now

For someone who doesn’t draft, I’m really, really happy with my last draft. I hope banfield, Brayshaw, constable, Worpel and Ryan at a minimum become best 22 players. I suck at the moment, but I think I can work back up eventually


Now you’ve lost Acres for 4-6.


Yep. Acres and Hurley injuries have really wrecked things.

It’s just one of those years atm


BBFFL#2 Round 9 Preview
redbull (1) vs The Melkman (6)
UF Prediction: redbull 1521 The Melkman 1413
Head to Head: redbull 2 The Melkman 4
Last time: redbull 1545 Defeated The Melkman 1266 Round 5 2017
Form: redbull WWWWW The Melkman WWLLW
Last week: redbull 1503 The Melkman 1410
Season Average: redbull 1521 The Melkman 1378

Don to Death (12) vs Wezza (4)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1472 Wezza 1455
Head to Head: Don to Death 4 Wezza 2
Last time: Don to Death 1527 Defeated Wezza 1462 Round 2 2017
Form: Don to Death LWWLL Wezza WWWWL
Last week: Don to Death 1442 Wezza 1376
Season Average: Don to Death 1302 Wezza 1433

Vandrs (18) vs Stoops (13)
UF Prediction: Vandrs 1226 Stoops 1364
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Vandrs LLLLL Stoops LLWLW
Last week: Vandrs 1303 Stoops 1489
Season Average: Vandrs 1156 Stoops 1288

Eggs (7) vs Ivan (10)
UF Prediction: Eggs 1310 Ivan 1158
Head to Head: Eggs 1 Ivan 0
Last time: Eggs 1543 Defeated Ivan 1480 Round 6 2017
Form: Eggs WWLWW Ivan LWLWW
Last week: Eggs 1298 Ivan 1325
Season Average: Eggs 1287 Ivan 1225

No. 5 (16) vs westozziebomber (17)
UF Prediction: No. 5 1238 westozziebomber 1169
Head to Head: No. 5 4 westozziebomber 3
Last time: No. 5 1312 Defeated westozziebomber 1067 Round 13 2017
Form: No. 5 LLLWL westozziebomber LLLLL
Last week: No. 5 1298 westozziebomber 1083
Season Average: No. 5 1285 westozziebomber 991

51 Bewick (5) vs Bargey (3)
UF Prediction: 51 Bewick 1372 Bargey 1511
Head to Head: 51 Bewick 2 Bargey 4
Last time: 51 Bewick 1360 Lost to Bargey 1681 Round 13 2017
Form: 51 Bewick WLLWW Bargey WWLWW
Last week: 51 Bewick 1268 Bargey 1363
Season Average: 51 Bewick 1390 Bargey 1415

Birch19 (8) vs TrevorBix (9)
UF Prediction: Birch19 1431 TrevorBix 1353
Head to Head: Birch19 3 TrevorBix 3
Last time: Birch19 1218 Lost to TrevorBix 1367 Round 3 2017
Form: Birch19 LWWLW TrevorBix WLWLL
Last week: Birch19 1490 TrevorBix 1254
Season Average: Birch19 1372 TrevorBix 1324

cafegerat (14) vs Aceman (2)
UF Prediction: cafegerat 1324 Aceman 1574
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: cafegerat LLWLL Aceman WWWWW
Last week: cafegerat 1331 Aceman 1582
Season Average: cafegerat 1265 Aceman 1470

Match of the Round
Come Back Hirdy (11) vs saladin (15)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1351 saladin 1330
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 2 saladin 2
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1487 Defeated saladin 1375 Round 11 2017
Form: Come Back Hirdy LLWLL saladin WLLWL
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1318 saladin 1288
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1331 saladin 1303


I have all 7 centres selected this week! Full side, I repeat, full side!


Hopper making @saladin a happy boy