BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Lucky break: I chose to put Matt Rosa, selected as an emergency this week, on the field to plug a donut I had in the Cs and he comes in as late change for the Suns. Great success.


Ridley with my last selection in the draft chucks up a 91 on debut. Thank you very much


All amendments made bar a late late chance in the Eagles Tigers game. Looks to be some very close matches this round. Would like UF to start counting my emergency score for Crozier to make me feel a bit more comfortable!


I might be a chance here!!


It’s fair to say Tom Cutler wasn’t happy with @The_Melkman’s decision to trade him. Just a lazy 128 including 59 point last quarter. Has helped ensure that I get up even with Yeo under an injury cloud.


So, I need 15 second half points from Lycett to win. Which on the face of it should be no problem. But he barely touched it in the first and Nicnat is the clear no1 ruck.


He’ll make it comfortably - lock in the win. Well done, much more consistent performance than my one-man team


God this is close.

47 points up but Stoops?( I think it’s his team) has 3 players in action but the only one doing something is Darling.


Darling the only one doing anything for my team all year, not bad for a later draft pick!


Making very heavy weather of it. Managed all of 11 points in that quarter. Surely he can take one mark and a possession in the final term, lol!?



Now, no Frees Against please, Scott.


Bad luck, cbh. very tight game right across the weekend.


Happy to put out another 1400+ score. More even contribution this week rather than being carried by mega scores. Still a few lucky to be in the 18, but no complaints :). Nice to see Langers back and Tippa put in his first ok score for the year.


BBFFL#2 Round 9 Results
redbull 1618 Defeated The Melkman 1465
Don to Death 1319 Lost to Wezza 1482
Vandrs 1289 Lost to Stoops 1331
Eggs 1371 Defeated Ivan 1033
Come Back Hirdy 1357 Lost to saladin 1382
No. 5 1248 Defeated westozziebomber 1162
51 Bewick 1289 Lost to Bargey 1387
Birch19 1434 Defeated TrevorBix 1185
cafegerat 1402 Lost to Aceman 1519


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 9


Every single ■■■■■■■ time I put up a decent score I end up playing someone who gets an even better score, ■■■■■■■ frustrating. Scored better than 12 this week, scored better than about 10 last week, so ■■■■■■■ what.


Just has a look the last 3 weeks you have lost despite outscoring over half the teams.

Round 7 - 9th highest score
Round 8 - 9th highest score
Round 9 - 6th highest score

However I also did have a look at your wins. In Round 6 you beat No. 5 despite only having the 15th highest score and Round 1 you were the 11th highest score.


I feel dirty wanting Collingwood to do well but Grundy and Sidebottom are absolute godsends


BBFFL#2 Stat of the Week
For the first time ever we have two undefeated teams after Round 9. However it should be @aceman and I that are worried. Not once in our previous 6 seasons has the last undfeated coach managed to go on and taste the ultimate premiership scuccess in BBFFL#2. Fingers crossed this curse is broken in 2018!

Summaries of the last coach to suffer defeat are:

2012 - @TDSpartan went 17 straight weeks without defeat - finished on top before going out in straight sets in the finals.
2013 - @DonToDeath went 10 straight wins - ended the season 1st before losing the qualfying final. He used the double chance to make the Grand Final but went down to the The Melkman
2014 - @The_Melkman won the first 12 games before finishing the season second. After winning his first final he went to down to the eventual premier - @Smooth in the prelim.
2015 - @Stoops was the last undefeated coach when he lost in Round 6. He finished the regular season in 4th position before going on to lose the GF to @Bargey
2016 - it only took until Round 4 for every team to have suffered a loss. The last team to suffer a loss was @Eggs who went on to finish 4th before the finals. Come finals time Eggs went out in straight sets.
2017 - Smooth went through the first 6 weeks without a loss, the best of the competition. After finishing the season on top Smooth was able to win his first final before losing to premier to be Bargey in the preliminary final.


Is there a database of historical results you could make available to us BBFF#2 coaches can go look at if we want to (I know I would love too)? Perhaps a Dropbox or Google Drive folder with the spreadsheets?

Now we are into our sixth season of competition I have a hard time remembering how I went during different years and what my squads were like in them. It would be awesome to be able to review it again if possible.