BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


I am in the process of putting everything into a single spreadsheet. Give me a few more hours and I’m happy to share.

This will be match results only. Games played for each coach is a lot more complex but something I have across a few different spreadsheets. It’s a lot more involved.


If we do a shared sheet I can throw in the details of every draft, and we should do a hall of fame.


It’s such a random game sometimes. Can Depend entirely on who you play and when.

For example, Eggs is in fifth. Almost everyone down to 12th has outscored him.

Other than the top couple, it’s a pretty even comp atm.


The bad old days of the sub vest.


Having a pretty crap year from a wins pov but i’m actually quite happy how my list has evolved this year.

Depending on whether i trade out some decent players to finalists mid year i think i’ve made some good gains list wise and think i’m in a good position next year onwards.


I forgot how awful it was for FF/SC


Yeah it was basically another layer of luck in a game where luck plays such a big part as it is.

Hopefully it never returns.

Grats on the win btw.


I consider this a personal attack. I will get my revenge.




Just looking back at the draft. @stoops managed to grab Jack Daarling with pick 59. Based on current scoring form he has to be one of the picks of the draft.


cant wait for the spreadsheet.


Yes, amazing how many coaches said he couldn’t improve their team.


Bye scores for this week will be posted tonight.

@Aceman and @Vandrs please note players who played the week prior to the bye can be selected in your team. They will be awarded their season to date average score - which will be added to your final tally. Let me know if you have any questions.


Don’t think I have any lol


Whatever happened to tdspartan? Was a Blitz regular for years until he just completely disappeared


From memory he had to quit the comp due to not having enough time anymore and Sal took his place.


Shame, used to have some good banter with him.


|May 23|Mark Blicavs GE - B,C |Added B|
|May 23|Zak Jones SY - B,C|Added B|
|May 23|Harry Morrison HW - B,C|Added C|
|May 23|Tom Boyd WB - R,F|Added F|
|May 23|Hayden Crozier WB - B,F|Added B|
|May 23|Allen Christensen BL - C,F|Added C|
|May 23|Daniel McStay BL - B,F||Added F|
|May 23|Hunter Clark SK - B,C|Added B|
|May 23|Reece Conca RI - B,C |Added C|
|May 23|Oscar McInerney BL - R,F|Added F|


Crozier getting back status is handy. I’m heavy forwards!


Think he got a real job!