BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Round 10 Bye Scoring Players

51 Bewick
Robbie Gray 101
David Swallow 90
Ollie Wines 90
Ben Ainsworth 59
Michael Rischitelli 47
Jack Hombsch 42

Sam Powell-Pepper 80
Dan Houston 76

Justin Westhoff 101
Tom Jonas 82
Sam Gray 77
Aaron Young 70
Dougal Howard 49

Charlie Ballard 35

Nick Holman 66

Come Back Hirdy
Touk Miller 89
Lachie Weller 74
Riley Bonner 70
Brad Scheer 61

Don to Death
Brad Ebert 96
Chad Wingard 66
Patrick Ryder 66

Jarrod Witts 97
Aaron Hall 79
Brayden Crossley 47

Steven Motlop 62

No. 5
Tom Rockliff 73
Steven May 70
Matt Rosa 64

Jarryd Lyons 98
Jarrod Harbrow 72

Darcy Byrne-Jones 81
Jack Bowes 56
Jake Neade 52

Jared Polec 98
Alex Sexton 58

The Melkman

Charlie Dixon 75

Jacob Heron 44


Travis Boak 90
Jack Watts 68
Callum Ah Chee 56

Free Agents
Tom Clurey 51
Rory Thompson 32
Jack Leslie 32



Was really hoping to get Shuey back this week or Sier to debut. Forced to take that godawful 35 average I think :P.


Webster at 41 also a pretty handy pick for me, first five picks were LDU, Stephenson, Cummi ng, Webster and Darling so I think I’ve found a few in there.


Does Nathan Buckley still coach Collingwood? They’ve dropped Steez Merchants Sam Murray and Daniel Wells, so if he is still the coach I think he should be sacked.


Over the last few years, I’ve specifically drafted/traded in players to give me a solid-scoring defensive unit.

Byrne Jones

As I envisaged the list build, My ideal backline would come from that group. Two are now on the LTI, only DBJ is playing.

It’s a miracle I can field 18. In desperation, the club welcomes debutant Josh Daicos and an old favourite, Dan McStay. Both offer dual position cover. But I’m expecting the Bye period to be the final nail in this season’s coffin.



Thanks DTD, thought that was likely and sal had already approved him for the LTI a couple of weeks ago (after a month of ‘indefinite’ on the injury list).


0 confidence that I can get over the line against Bargey this week even though I’ve outscored him 4 out of the last 5 weeks… probably cos I don’t think I’ve ever beat him before lol, I’m sure @redbull knows the answer to that one.


Apologies for not lodging full/strongest team this week everyone. Been in transit to US and lost track of time/time difference. I’ll still be smoked by RedBull anyway, so it won’t impact results I think.


Think you’re a chance. I had 5 outs this week so struggled to get a full 18. Crozier and Gowers both sub 50 scores isn’t a great start.


Will capture this later tonight in my preview


BBFFL#2 Round 10 Preview
redbull (1) vs No. 5 (15)
Head to Head: redbull 2 No. 5 4
Last time: redbull 1544 Defeated No. 5 1435 Round 14 2017
Form: redbull WWWWW No. 5 LLWLW
Last week: redbull 1618 No. 5 1248
Season Average: redbull 1532 No. 5 1281

Don to Death (14) vs The Melkman (6)
Head to Head: Don to Death 4 The Melkman 5
Last time: Don to Death 1388 Lost to The Melkman 1402 Round 11 2017
Form: Don to Death WWLLL The Melkman WLLWL
Last week: Don to Death 1319 The Melkman 1465
Season Average: Don to Death 1304 The Melkman 1388

Vandrs (18) vs Wezza (4)
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Vandrs LLLLL Wezza WWWLW
Last week: Vandrs 1289 Wezza 1482
Season Average: Vandrs 1178 Wezza 1438

Eggs (5) vs Stoops (10)
Head to Head: Eggs 3 Stoops 4
Last time: Eggs 1344 Defeated Stoops 1124 Round 18 2017
Form: Eggs WLWWW Stoops LWLWW
Last week: Eggs 1371 Stoops 1331
Season Average: Eggs 1296 Stoops 1293

Come Back Hirdy (12) vs Ivan (11)
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 2 Ivan 0
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1460 Defeated Ivan 1105 Round 19 2017
Form: Come Back Hirdy LWLLL Ivan WLWWL
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1357 Ivan 1033
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1334 Ivan 1204

saladin (13) vs Aceman (2)
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: saladin LLWLW Aceman WWWWW
Last week: saladin 1382 Aceman 1519
Season Average: saladin 1311 Aceman 1475

51 Bewick (8) vs westozziebomber (17)
Head to Head: 51 Bewick 1 westozziebomber 6
Last time: 51 Bewick 1393 Defeated westozziebomber 1236 Round 17 2017
Form: 51 Bewick LLWWL westozziebomber LLLLL
Last week: 51 Bewick 1162 westozziebomber 1162
Season Average: 51 Bewick 1365 westozziebomber 1010

cafegerat (16) vs TrevorBix (9)
Head to Head: cafegerat 4 TrevorBix 2
Last time: cafegerat 1177 Defeated TrevorBix 1131 Round 14 2017
Form: cafegerat LWLLL TrevorBix LWLLL
Last week: cafegerat 1402 TrevorBix 1185
Season Average: cafegerat 1280 TrevorBix 1309

Match of the Round
Birch19 (7) vs Bargey (3)
Head to Head: Birch19 3 Bargey 3
Last time: Birch19 1329 Lost to Bargey 1452 Round 4 2017
Form: Birch19 WWLWW Bargey WLWWW
Last week: Birch19 1434 Bargey 1387
Season Average: Birch19 1379 Bargey 1412


So I had a look and you beat @Bargey the first 3 times you played him. Since then Bargey has maanged to balance the ledger. You actually also achieved your record ever score against Bargey in our first season:

Birch19 1556 Defeated Bargey 1387 Round 14 2012


huh. I guess I forgot Bargey wasn’t always a juggernaut :). Shame you jynxed me by making it match of the round :wink:


Cursed on match day. White injured, scored 3. Lol, that’s probably the lowest score any of my players have ever recorded.


That sucks. I got exactly the same result from Aaron Naughton a couple of weeks ago.


I can beat you both.
Ratugolea out for the game with a 0.




Could have been worse, -2 in Supercoach :frowning: