BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Decimated by injury this week - Coniglio, Martin, May and Geary out. Several pending on EIC.

Would like to congratulate Vandrs in advance for the impending victory…


If you score over a thousand you’ll win. My team is shot!


BBFFL#2 Round 12 Progressive Scores
redbull 1427 (17) Leads Birch19 943 (13)
Don to Death 1408 (16) Leads 51 Bewick 1284 (17)
Vandrs 865 (15) Trails No. 5 (15) 1007
Eggs 1036 (14) Trails The Melkman 1177 (15)
Come Back Hirdy 1204 (17) Trails Wezza 1390 (17)
saladin 1309(16) Leads Stoops 1018 (15)
Ivan 1059 (16) Trails Aceman 1242 (15)
cafegerat 1173 (15) Leads westozziebomber 896 (17)
TrevorBix 1322 (18) Leads Bargey 1301 (16)


ANB would have to stink it up completely with all mine dominating tomorrow to give me any shot :). Too many poor scores this week. Next week hopefully shuey and andersen both back.


It’s game on by my count.


I have you like 130 up with a quarter to go? I guess it’s possible but would need to be a huge quarter for me and a poor one for anb :).


BBFFL#2 Round 12 Results
redbull 1507 Defeated Birch19 1483
Don to Death 1533 Defeated 51 Bewick 1337
Vandrs 1085 Lost to No. 5 1156
Eggs 1218 Lost to The Melkman 1359
Come Back Hirdy 1321 Lost to Wezza 1437
saladin 1435 Defeated Stoops 1252
Ivan 1171 Lost to Aceman 1548
cafegerat 1392 Defeated westozziebomber 969
TrevorBix 1322 Lost to Bargey 1486


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 12


Keen to trade for good players in any position. All my picks are available and would be willing to trade a younger player for a more seasoned one if the trade is right.

Had hoped to move on one of my rucks but to do this I need to find the right backup to ensure I am protected against injury. At this stage I haven’t managed to do this.


Waite (ave 86
Sandilands (ave 77)
Burgoyne (67)

Might provide a couple of decent options for teams competing. I probably won’t ask too much. Players or picks. Wil trade for midfielders who are regulars or any player between 18-26


Is the trade period officially open?


I’m open to offers for tuohy.

Motlop might hold some attraction as a c,f for some.


Yes it opened last week! Going until next Thursday



Gave me an awesome 14 on the weekend.




Aceman = Dodoro!


Happy with this trade. Gives me 5 picks inside 40ish and a reliable scorer if Sydney let him back on the park. Hopefully McVeigh retires soon and Newman sees more game time.

Motlop still available for C,f cover for finals bound teams


Second last round of position changes:


Pleased that Yeo gets his mid status back. Very helpful for team flexibility.