BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Particularly having just brought in another strong scoring defender


I assume we will have a progressive shut-out this week for the early games. When is the final shut-out please.


Yes it will be a progressive lockout. Teams will be locked before the first game on Saturday.

Unfortunately I’m going to struggle to post bye scores until about lunchtime Friday.


Woo Shuey lives! and it wasn’t even Sheed dropped to make room for him.


In real strife this week with a stack of injuries.
Site appears to be down aswell as I’ve been trying for over an hour to get on and change my side


Yep it’s cooked.

Message me if you wanted to pick someone for tonight’s match.


Motlop a lazy 96… C/f, any nibbles?


The trade period is closed.


Oh, boo


It’s meant to have another week to run!

Well thats what I intended.

Edit: just found my post. It is closed unless we have ridiculous outcry.


Yeah I specifically didn’t do anything the last few days cause I haven’t had time and saw your post the other day about it finishing next Thursday.


Yeah i just copied and pasted the below post.


Oh wow. That is not a good trade period for me. I should have pushed harder to offload some of my older guys for bad picks. Oh well.


I did also think trade period ran until next Thursday and have a trade agreed which is yet to be posted (and could not have been posted before Friday)…

EDIT: At least part of this trade could still be valid in any case. @redbull if I show you messages which indicate that a trade was agreed before deadline but not posted can that go through?


Anyone oppose extending it?


I’m pro, I didn’t even fire a shot!!


Assuming we extend:

Jack Riewoldt F 74.3 (85 if you exclude two concussion impacted weeks) - 2nd round pick
Josh J Kennedy F 64.1 (averaging 83 in the three games leading into last week’s bye) - 3rd round pick
Luke Hodge B 68.9 - 4th round pick
Bernie Vince B 62.8 - 4th round pick
Daniel Wells CF 56.8 - 5th round pick
Nick Smith B 63 - 4th round pick
Kieren Jack CF 62.2 - 4th round pick

Riewoldt and Kennedy aside these guys are trash, but other than Wells they’ll play every week, or at least most weeks. You probably don’t want Daniel Wells.

Potentially important back-ups for top teams, especially Jack with his center eligibility.


Not fussed one way or the other personally, so long as it doesn’t upset the likes of Barge whose actions were apparently determined by the existing date.


screw that guy