BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


If you can change RFA priority you should just revert your position imo.


I would but have no idea where I was! If I get a chance before Thursday I will try to track back through and work it out!


Oh well, i’m sure your team will be able to struggle through somehow…


Just read that Burgoyne’s hammy is a 4 weeker. My fingers are tightly crossed he makes it back for fantasy finals. That’s when I will really need him. Otherwise it might be one of my worst trades ever!


I have no problems with you keeping McInnes in that situation RB. Obviously no one else above you in the priority list wanted him.



Man, he’s so durable too


Anyone wishing to lodge a claim for any Sydney or Richmond players please PM me. Cutoff will be 4pm Melbourne time.


So Narkle to debut?

i drafted this kid last year as my smoky pick, but a few issues killed his season. Ive kept a close watch on the vfl reports this year and his last month has been exceptional, so i grabbed him last week. This season is now about finding out the keeper list for 2019, unfortunately.


@eggs has successfully claimed James Rose.


He would.


Sier finally gets his debut thanks to Treloar’s injury… they should average about the same yeah?


shredded with injury and ommissions this week.


Bargey’s new recruit is looking good. Could the Bulls have their first loss of the year?


Not happy at all! I thought I had a trade with Eggs locked away and then Bargey just barged his way into steal Riewoldt! Then I turned to plan B and got Burgoyne. Should have known his 36 year old hammys would struggle to give me more than 3 quarters.

Still a bit of life left in the contest though!


Coaches - please note that there have been a few teams failing to select their best 18 teams over the last few weeks. I haven’t said anything earlier due to the complications of the bye rounds and also trade period. However from this week I will be officially warning coaches. who fail to name their best 18. Also related to this is coaches should be using the free agent pool to try as best possible to fill a playing 18 - those who do so will also receive a warning.

Happy to have any discussions on this matter via PM.



I did put in a request for whoever that GC spud is. I’m so far beyond cooked. It’d be nice if Constable got a run or Worpel again


BBFFL#2 Round 15 Preview
Don to Death (10) vs TrevorBix (14)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1310 TrevorBix 1250
Head to Head: Don to Death 2 TrevorBix 5
Last time: Don to Death 1417 Lost to TrevorBix 1498 Round 17 2017
Form: Don to Death LLWWW TrevorBix LLLWL
Last week: Don to Death 1386 TrevorBix 1192
Season Average: Don to Death 1320 TrevorBix 1286

Vandrs (18) vs cafegerat (11)
UF Prediction: Vandrs 1225 cafegerat 1456
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Vandrs LLLLL cafegerat WWWLL
Last week: Vandrs 1162 cafegerat 1383
Season Average: Vandrs 1139 cafegerat 1307

Eggs (9) vs Birch19 (6)
UF Prediction: Eggs 1188 Birch19 1484
Head to Head: Eggs 4 Birch19 4
Last time: Eggs 1454 Defeated Birch19 1241 Round 17 2017
Form: Eggs WLLLL Birch19 WWLLW
Last week: Eggs 1186 Birch19 1401
Season Average: Eggs 1276 Birch19 1397

saladin (13) vs No. 5 (12)
UF Prediction: saladin 1371 No. 5 1258
Head to Head: saladin 1 No. 5 4
Last time: saladin 1311 Lost to No. 5 1372 Round 4 2017
Form: saladin LWWLL No. 5 LWWWL
Last week: saladin 1183 No. 5 1173
Season Average: saladin 1327 No. 5 1267

Ivan (15) vs The Melkman (5)
UF Prediction: Ivan 1249 The Melkman 1469
Head to Head: Ivan 0 The Melkman 1
Last time: Ivan 1224 Lost to The Melkman 1333 Round 3 2017
Form: Ivan LLLWL The Melkman WWWLW
Last week: Ivan 1136 The Melkman 1442
Season Average: Ivan 1198 The Melkman 1396

Stoops (16) vs Wezza (3)
UF Prediction: Stoops 1323 Wezza 1317
Head to Head: Stoops 4 Wezza 3
Last time: Stoops 1220 Lost to Wezza 1512 Round 12 2017
Form: Stoops LLLLL Wezza WWWWW
Last week: Stoops 1307 Wezza 1375
Season Average: Stoops 1265 Wezza 1433

westozziebomber (17) vs Aceman (2)
UF Prediction: westozziebomber 1113 Aceman 1559
Head to Head: Never previousls met
Form: westozziebomber LLLLL Aceman WWWWW
Last week: westozziebomber 789 Aceman 1481
Season Average: westozziebomber 1007 Aceman 1494

Grand Final Replay
redbull (1) vs Bargey (4)
UF Prediction: redbull 1568 Bargey 1471
Head to Head: redbull 1 Bargey 7
Last time: redbull 1475 Lost to Bargey 1750 Grand Final 2017
Form: redbull WWWWW Bargey LLWLW
Last week: redbull 1701 Bargey 1377
Season Average: redbull 1536 Bargey 1396

Match of the Round
Come Back Hirdy (8) vs 51 Bewick (7)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1416 51 Bewick 1411
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 1 51 Bewick 5
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1317 Defeated 51 Bewick 1229 Round 5 2017
Form: Come Back Hirdy WWLWW 51 Bewick WLLWW
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1316 51 Bewick 1230
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1338 51 Bewick 1364


I called that Riewoldt would be a bargain. Couldn’t believe that you and Bargey were the only two who reached out.

People in this league hate trading.


86 and 63 from Narkle and Lynch respectively on debut. As much as I could realistically hope for.


4 points?!?!?!? WTH Jake!