BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


It was an improvement on the -9 he was on at one stage!


Game on against @Bargey. Happy to see Vince running around for Casey today. Broad’s score will be a welcome addition to Bargey’s total.


Knew Vince was out before team deadline but had nothing to replace him with. TJ was a huge loss for me this week. Think you’ll get the chocolates this time but I might be able to push you come finals if everyone gets healthy.


Mitchell almost scoring 200 makes it tight!


@Bargey and I having a shootout Etihad style. Bargey is 39 points up with Zorko in action vs me with Goddard with a half to go and Tom Cutler.


Woo Langford finally breaks the tonne :D. It’s been a long wait for him to come good, glad I kept the faith :slight_smile:


Highest score for me since Rd1, where I arguably had a much stronger team lineup play.


Well done, No5. Naturally, that came the week I played you.

1360 with two short and far from my best theoretical side is probably ok.


BBFFL#2 Round 15 Results
redbull 1622 Defeated Bargey 1606
Don to Death 1290 Defeated TrevorBix 1140
Vandrs 1269 Lost to cafegerat 1493
Eggs 1153 Lost to Birch19 1392
Come Back Hirdy 1415 Defeated 51 Bewick 1220
saladin 1363 Lost to No. 5 1465
Ivan 1254 Lost to The Melkman 1530
Stoops 1242 Lost to Wezza 1313
westozziebomber 1044 Lost to Aceman 1449


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 15


Love those weeks where you outscore 16 teams and lose.


Pretty sure my slim finals run, where i sneak in and go out in the first round, has come to an end now with too many injuries to some of my good scorers.

Zaharakis, Gibson, Blakely, Andrews, Cameron, Spurr and now Wood are too many for my list to carry.


Didn’t get a chance to check last night but our match up would be one of the highest scoring in terms of aggregate score. Also I’m sure there are few times in almost 7 seasons that a 1600 plus score has not won the match.


I feel your pain mate. Injuries make and break teams in this comp with so little depth to cover them.
Greene, Scully, Lynch, McGovern, Fiorini, Thomas, Papley, Kerridge, Kennedy and just got Prestia back after many weeks out.

15 C eligible players but still playing short!


Yep injuries can be a killer with list sizes of 30. It doesn’t take many injuries to really stretch most teams.


It’s all good and i wasn’t complaining just giving an update i guess.

I’m not the only one that has this issue of course and the truth is that my list can’t take it but there are others that could. In fact it’s part of what i like about these types of leagues where you choose how to build your list but there is no doubt that luck plays quite a big part.


last round of position changes this week on UF.

Hoping that Michael Apeness averaging 17 HOs a game in his four matches for Freo is enough to get another R eligible player.


From the weekend’s matches I can confirm the following stats:

  • the match up between @Bargey and Redbull resulted in an aggregate of 3,228 which is the 3rd highest aggregate in 1,215 BBFFL#2 matches. The only higher aggregates are -
    Bargey 1743 Defeated redbull 1579 in Round 12 2017 - match aggregate of 3,332
    Bargey 1780 Defeated @Stoops 1471 in the 2015 Grand Final - match aggregate of 3,251

  • It is only the second time a score of 1600 plus has not resulted in a win. Bargey’s score ranks second to @The_Melkman’s score of 1610 in losing to @smooth in the 2015 Qualfying Final.

  • Remarkably the top 2 positions on the ladder of remained unchanged since Round 2. @No_5 was in 2nd place after Round 1, but since this time @Aceman has constantly held second spot behind Redbull. Additionally to this Bargey has remained inside the top 4 since Round 2, after ending Round 1 in 5th. @Wezza moved into the top 4 in Round 6 and has held 3rd spot since Round 11. This means for the last 11 rounds the top 4 on the ladder has remained consistent.

  • @Birch19 has spent the last 5 weeks in 6th position. This is his highest ladder position since Round 1 2015 when he spent a week in 3rd spot. His overall highest ladder position is 2nd, a spot he occupied at the end of Rounds 6 and 7 in 2014.

  • @cafegerat currently sits in 9th position. Since joining the competition in 2014 he has only spent 4 weeks inside the top 8, including Rounds 1 and 3 this year when he was 8th. His highest ever BBFFL#2 ladder position was 3rd after Round 1 in 2017.

  • @51Bewick currently sits in 7th position. Only once before in 2015 has he occupied a higher position at this stage of the season when he was 5th. In our six completed seasons 51 Bewick has never finished a season higher than 7th, which he acheived in both 2014 and 2015.

  • Come Back Hirdy moved back into the 8 with a Round 14 win over No. 5 and now holds 8th spot. His longest run inside the top 8 was 12 straight weeks from Round 8 to 19 in 2015.

  • After 15 rounds Don to Death has not occupied a spot inside the top 8 in 2018. The only previous season he failed to finish a round inside the top 8 was in 2016. His current position of 10th is the highest he has managed this season, also finishing Rounds 6 and 14 in the same spot.

  • Eggs has slipped to 12th position after a heavy trade period and back to back defeats. This is his lowest ever ladder spot after Round 15. Only in the ingural BBFFL#2 season of 2012 has he been lower on the table at this time or later in the season. In 2012 he spent the last 4 rounds in 13th spot.

  • Ivan sits in 15th spot after Round 15. Over his first 34 matches as a BBFFL#2 coach Ivan has spent a total of 11 weeks in 15th position. He reached his highest ladder position yet of 10th after Round 8 this year.

More to come later this week…


my backline takes a big hit this week, Vlastuin out for a week suspended and Williams out for the rest of the season :(.


Were there supposed to be updated player positions today?