BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


How do the emergencies work? It could be the difference between me winning and losing here


Think you will overrun me Sal, should be close!


Actually will not matter. Shuey seagulled his way to 15 points in the last minute. Damn


Actually, no looked again and my score changed. If I get Graham as the emergency it’s a draw by my count.


Mad Monday has started!!!


That’s crap. Why does it default the emergency to O’Rourke rather than Graham. If it’s Graham it is a draw. I’m lodging a formal protest @redbull


It defaults cause you had him listed in emergencies before Graham. It doesn’t care who the highest scorer is.


@Vandrs is correct. You got O’Rourke’s score because he was your second emergency - and also your first C eligible player.


Ah, I didn’t realise this. Bollocks


So to be clear the higher the rank of your emergency, ie the player listed at Emergency 1, the higher the priority they get when replacing a gap in your team.


BBFFL#2 Round 18 Results
redbull 1482 Defeated Don to Death 1314
Vandrs 1297 Defeated westozziebomber 1006
Eggs 1331 Lost to Bargey 1431
Come Back Hirdy 1459 Defeated TrevorBix 1130
saladin 1396 Defeated cafegerat 1354
Ivan 1320 Lost to Birch19 1352
Stoops 1288 Defeated 51 Bewick 1242
Wezza 1410 Defeated No. 5 1318
The Melkman 1380 Lost to Aceman 1448


BBFFL#2 Ladder After Round 18


Yeah I understand, now. All I can say is boooooo


I thought this was common knowledge, but then I guess Ivan is new here.

Gonna be a shame to ruin your unbeaten season in a couple of weeks time RB.


Bad luck, cafe. Pretty decent contest all round.

Its All too late, but consecutive wins over top 8 sides . Shaping the final eight, if nothing else.

I’d have been dangerous with a little more luck in a few games.

Narkle was quiet this week. But Marshall followed up his tonne with a very solid 80-odd, and Daicos (whom I didn’t play) broke the hundred barrier. I may have found a player or two here.


There was a moment over the weekend where uf was predicting over 1500 for me. That would have been a huge breakout game


Where did we end up landing on the ruck position for emergencies.
I remember it was floated to allow cover from on-field 18 if fielding a F/R and then play a forward off the emergencies list. But I can’t remember if this got up or not?


Yes I did put that suggestion forward at the end of last year but it wasn’t supported. Therefore the rule remains that to replace a player not playing someone from the same position must be on the bench.


If my unbeaten run is to end I’m hoping it’s only in the first week of the finals to make use of the double chance! I’m still scratching myself as I can’t believe my team is 18-0. Surprised to see that despite failing to get to 1500 this week I still topped the scoring.

It would be nice to get Jack Martin back into the team, while when Burgoyne comes back he should provide some solid bench cover for the run into the finals. Freeman also has to be a sneaky chance to get a game soon.


Clearly spoke too soon. Cutler gets 2 weeks despite taking his case to the tribunal. Martin’s calf turns out to be a month long injury and Freeman still not likely to debut. Now expecting my old men in Simpson and Goddard to miss while Burgoyne woll probably have another week off.