BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion



Boner but no Bonar.


James Cousins delisted to allow for the return of Brayden Fiorini from LTI


BBFFL#2 Round 19 Preview
redbull (1) vs Vandrs (17)
UF Prediction: redbull 1626 Vandrs 1262
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: redbull WWWWW Vandrs LLLLW
Last week: redbull 1482 Vandrs 1297
Season Average: redbull 1544 Vandrs 1173

Don to Death (10) vs Aceman (2)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1434 Aceman 1331
Head to Head: Don to Death 0 Aceman 1
Last time: Don to Death 1242 Lost to Aceman 1506 Round 2 2018
Form: Don to Death WWLWL Aceman WWLLW
Last week: Don to Death 1314 Aceman 1448
Season Average: Don to Death 1318 Aceman 1468

Eggs (14) vs westozziebomber (18)
UF Prediction: Eggs 1229 westozziebomber 1050
Head to Head: Eggs 3 westozziebomber 5
Last time: Eggs 1247 Defeated westozziebomber 1096 Round 2 2018
Form: Eggs LLLLL westozziebomber LLLLL
Last week: Eggs 1331 westozziebomber 1006
Season Average: Eggs 1265 westozziebomber 1016

saladin (12) vs TrevorBix (13)
UF Prediction: saladin 1321 TrevorBix 1381
Head to Head: saladin 2 TrevorBix 4
Last time: saladin 1171 Lost to TrevorBix 1370 Round 2 2018
Form: saladin LLLWW TrevorBix LLWWL
Last week: saladin 1396 TrevorBix 1130
Season Average: saladin 1333 TrevorBix 1282

Ivan (15) vs cafegerat (9)
UF Prediction: Ivan 1329 cafegerat 1413
Head to Head: Ivan 1 cafegerat 2
Last time: Ivan 1301 Defeated cafegerat 1131 Round 2 2018
Form: Ivan LLWLL cafegerat LWWWL
Last week: Ivan 1320 cafegerat 1354
Season Average: Ivan 1210 cafegerat 1343

Stoops (16) vs Birch19 (6)
UF Prediction: Stoops 1335 Birch19 1330
Head to Head: Stoops 5 Birch19 4
Last time: Stoops 1418 Defeated Birch19 1203 Round 2 2018
Form: Stoops LLLLW Birch19 WWWLW
Last week: Stoops 1288 Birch19 1352
Season Average: Stoops 1267 Birch19 1393

Wezza (3) vs 51 Bewick (7)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1424 51 Bewick 1490
Head to Head: Wezza 4 51 Bewick 4
Last time: Wezza 1450 Lost to 51 Bewick 1454 Round 2 2018
Form: Wezza WWWWW 51 Bewick WLWWL
Last week: Wezza 1410 51 Bewick 1242
Season Average: Wezza 1437 51 Bewick 1342

The Melkman (5) vs No. 5 (11)
UF Prediction: The Melkman 1455 No. 5 1392
Head to Head: The Melkman 6 No. 5 3
Last time: The Melkman 1390 Defeated No. 5 1302 Round 2 2018
Form: The Melkman WWWLL No. 5 LWLWL
Last week: The Melkman 1380 No. 5 1318
Season Average: The Melkman 1411 No. 5 1281

Match of the Round
Come Back Hirdy (8) vs Bargey (4)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1334 Bargey 1508
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 1 Bargey 7
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1354 Lost to Bargey 1372 Round 2 2018
Form: Come Back Hirdy WWLLW Bargey WLWWW
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1459 Bargey 1431
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1352 Bargey 1414


What an end to the season for the Steez Merchants:


2 wins in a row coming right up!!


Welcome to fc Medina Jack Lonie and Jake Townsend. May your scores give me pause for thought when selecting my 20 keepers come year end.

I’ve actually assembled quite a glut of young small forward come future mid prospects this year. Ronke, Lonie, Townsend, Begley, Hayward, higgens, harmes, Cunningham, Fogarty and Graham. I will not be able to retain them all. Perhaps some trade targets there for someone.


Mick Hurley had one of his worst FF games.

And I am so, so pleased.


I have Franklin. I am also pleased.


Typical. Having a really tight match against Wezza. David Swallow going great guns, then bang, he’s knocked into next month. This whole season has been a bad joke.


Unless something dramatic happens it appears that @cafegerat is on his way to a maiden final’s appearance. The unlucky coach to lose their spot inside the 8 will be @Come_Back_Hirdy.


Just held on against a fast-charging Bix. Bad luck mate, I thought JOM and Miles we’re going to get you home.

So I finished the season with three good wins. Just makes it all the more frustrating in many ways.

Congrats to Cafe if he made the finals. Took the hit a few seasons back, drafted kids, things are turning for him.


Limping my way into finals, happy to get 1400 despite only 3 players breaking the tonne. Pretty even contribution across the board which is nice. Hopefully Shuey back next week and Langford plays or I’ll be bundled out in week 1 again.


I didn’t expect to get within 200 points earlier this afternoon so I was happy to get so close and still keep my draft pick over you :wink:


Gees I hope I haven’t peaked too early. A lazy 1740 this week to complete an undefeated home and away season.


BBFFL#2 Round 19 Results
redbull 1740 Defeated Vandrs 1331
Don to Death 1447 Defeated Aceman 1432
Eggs 1029 Lost to westozziebomber 1072
Come Back Hirdy 1233 Lost to Bargey 1441
saladin 1443 Defeated TrevorBix 1419
Ivan 1250 Lost to cafegerat 1382
Stoops 1300 Lost to Birch19 1406
Wezza 1446 Defeated 51 Bewick 1267
The Melkman 1328 Defeated No. 5 1311


You have an amazing team redbull, that’s insane to be unbeaten and scoring that highly a week before finals!


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 19

In the other big development for the round @westozziebomber manages to book end his season with his 2nd victory for the year to avoid the wooden spoon.


gee, CBH is a bit stiff, scored enough points to make the 8.

wait! so did I !!!


All comes down to who you catch on a bad week or who catches you on a bad week.

Unless you’re Redbull :P.

Good luck to all in finals.


Man I had an awful season. Definitely impacted by injuries, but also caught fair amount of bad luck, in addition to some very avoidable errors and poor judgement calls at selection by myself. Will likely blow my team up substantially over the off season and try and re-jig the line up. Have maintained fair amount of my roster over the years and probably need have an overhaul. Congrats to Redbull on winning minor premiership and good luck to those in finals.