BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


It’s hard to see anyone taking @Redbull down this year purely based off the numbers, would take a series of unfortunate events for him not to take the silverware I think :).

Good luck to everyone anyway, except @cafegerat :P.


@saladin finally gets a debut from Bonar.


I’m similar if it makes you feel any better. Higgins, Taranto and depth Melksham out this week (with Josh Kennedy and Griffen not back) meaning I’ll be playing a fairly useless forward.


The Burras have raided the free agency pool to field 22 players this week.
Never let it be said we don’t do everything possible to do the right thing.
Having said that, it’s a terrible team :frowning:


Can’t believe that Gold Coast have dropped Jarryd Lyons again. Clearly tanking. Hope it doesn’t cost the Bulls.


What round did you grab him? Didn’t he get drafted late too?


ugh cats and tigers game terrible for me… finally Caddy gets a somewhat decent score again and everyone else is crap


Freeman went undrafted this year. I grabbed him before Round 8 thinking it was only a matter of time!


The Suns are a head case. If I was Lyons I would request a transfer.


Good start between @bargey and the Bulls - 352 plays 306 after 4 players each. Personally I was very pleased to see J Selwood return to scoring form with 123. My other 3 players all got scores in the 70s - S Selwood, S Lloyd and Tuohy.

Bargey would be pumped with Lambert’s 120 but so not so pleased with the other contributors.


Fan ■■■■■■ tastic…
Joyce and Duman dropped yesterday for GC and Freo respectively both of which I wasn’t anticipating. So picked up Dea to play in the vacant back spot who is then a late out and I’m down a man…


Cracking first half my Adelaide players offsetting Mitchell’s and Zorko’s huge totals. Only a few points in our contest now.


Grundy going monster has me done. Will be playing the winner of the Binked/Yambag Elimination Final, which looks to be going down to the wire.


BBFFL#2 Progressive Scores
Redbull (13) 1213 trails @Bargey (14) 1293
@wezza (9) 768 trails @Aceman (14) 1232
@The_Melkman (12) 1009 leads @51Bewick (10) 730
@Birch19 (13) 908 trails @cafegerat (12) 950

Players still to play:
Redbull (5) - E Yeo, J Harbrow, K Simpson, J Lyons (B Goddard 60), A Neal-Bullen
Bargey (4) - B Vince, S Hurn, M Barlow (D Moore 24), A Young
Wezza (9) - N Haynes, N Wilson, A Bradshaw, L Neale, B Hill, L Jetta, D Mundy, M De Boer, R Lobb
Aceman (4) - H Shaw, J Lewis, M Walters, H Himmelberg
The Melkman (6) - Luke Ryan, N Jones, B Deledio, P Wright, A VanDenberg, J Joyce EMG or T Duman EMG
51 Bewick (8) - J McGovern, A Kennedy, B Fiorini, M Rischitelli, J Lonergan, T Greene, J Hogan, D Thomas
Birch19 (5) - L Shuey, C Oliver, E Langdon, M Gawn, T McDonald
Cafegerat (6) - A Tomlinson, C Petracca, C Masten, N Holman, C Curnow, M Hutchings


At the moment UF is predicting a draw for me and cafe. Out of curiosity how is the winner decided if that happens?


A duel with pistol at dawn seems fair


Agreed, can’t think of anything more appropriate.


Highest ranking team by ladder position goes through. We haven’t ever had a draw in almost 7 seasons of BBFFL#2!


Yeah unlikely, was just curious :slight_smile:


Don’t you love it when 2 of your players are on each other, and one is playing a purely negative role. As a result, both are scoring nothing :frowning: