BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


85 on debut for Bonar. Shame my season is over.


This round is actual garbage. Dea late out yesterday leading to a donut and then Deledio injures himself before half time and Peter Wright injured 2 mins into the game :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hope my Melbourne guys can keep up this pace.


Reckon I might get done here and Wezza to run over the top of me


I’m done if Langdon doesn’t start finding the ball.


Yeah. 90 point lead but 1 player against 5, two quarters to go.


Melk needs Ryan to outscore McGovern by 25 to get home. Gonna be a tight finish!


Yambags and Binked is an epic!

2 point difference. Both with two in play! Shuey/Langdon vs Masten/Hutchings.


Hoping for some injuries or I’m done


Yeah, madly refreshing here. Thank God Langdon is starting to get involved.


Progressive Scores
Redbull 1568 leads Bargey 1475
Wezza 1397 trails Aceman 1480
The Melkman 1240 trails 51 Bewick 1264
Birch19 1363 trails Cafegerat 1365


3/4 finals looking pretty close, only @redbull really looks safe


Equations are as follows:

Bargey needs Shannon Hurn to outscore Elliott Yeo by 82 points
Aceman has 308 points and Michael Walters against Wezza’s Nathan Wilson, Lachie Neale, Lewis Jetta, David Mundy and Bradley Hill
The Melkman needs Luke Ryan to outscore 51 Bewick’s Jeremy McGovern by 33 points
Cafegerat needs Chris Masten and Mark Hutchings to outscore Birch19’s Ed Langdon and Luke Shuey by 28 points


If you’re gonna bother with the ‘consolation’ finals , Red, you’ll need to adjust the benches.


Wezza within 9 points of Aceman
51 Bewick currently holding The Melkman off by 17 points
Cafegerat up by 35 seems to have the job done against Birch19


Wez has hit the front. 10 clear.


Angus Brayshaw saved my bacon.


Birch has rallied, but with 28 minutes played he trails by 9.


Meanwhile, Lycett tonnes up for me. Just to rub sodium chloride into the wound.


Of no interest or relevance, but scored 1476, which would have comfortably won either Elim final but neither qualifying final.