BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


BBFFL#2 Week 1 Finals Results
Redbull 1611 defeated Bargey 1482
Wezza 1565 defeated Aceman 1517
The Melkman 1258 lost to 51 Bewick 1275
Birch19 1414 lost to Cafegerat 1428


Commiserations Melky, you had a horrid run this week.
My rabble won’t go any further but the club will really celebrate it’s first finals win.


Grats @cafegerat, never really recovered from my sub-par Friday night. Melbourne crew did their best to drag me over the line, but was not to be (maybe if McDonald had kicked straight :wink: ).


Just pathetic really. My team is a joke.
Sack the coach, sack the board


Until everyone spudded it up today and Fatcrap Dew decided to tank I was a decent chance. Ended up getting smashed. Gonna be hard to knock RB off this year I think.


Yeah,. Red’s “bad weeks” aren’t all that bad at all. He’s built the list brilliantly.


Jeez gaffy got carried away at the BIX mad Sunday celebrations today. Swinging hooks at kids.


To be fair I did cop the Gold Coast tanking problem as well with Lyons getting omitted. I am not sure there are too many matches in our comp when the 4 highest scoring players are on the losing team. Really pleased to have encountered and ran over the scores of Zorko 154, Mitchell 146, Franklin 139 and Adams 134.


Cheers @Birch19 it was a close game and I thought the dees players were going to get you over the line as well. Can not believe I have actually made and won a final, but my season will sadly end next week, though I do have @TrevorBix in my corner now!


You sure do, you let me know which opposition players I need to sort out


BBFFL#2 2018 Semi Final Match Ups
Bargey vs 51 Bewick
Aceman vs Cafegerat


Binked Awards 2017

Best Clubman
Jack Crisp
For the second year in a row, Best Clubman goes to Jack Crisp. Crisp played every game this season with an average of 88 points per game, identical to 2017. He set a new personal best score of 147 in Round 8 this season and topped the century mark a total of 6 times with 3 other 90+ scores. He's been a valuable addition to Binked ever since he was traded in, the challenge for Crisp in 2019 is to close the gap between his best and worst games.

Most Improved
Ed Langdon
It's tempting to give this to Max Gawn as he improved his average by 27 over his injury-affected 2017, however Langdon's move to be a consistent midfield scorer for Binked this season was vital. With a massive shortage of C eligible players for the team Langdon and Caddy both spent the entire season in the midfield to plug the hole and Langdon stepped up his game accordingly upping his average to 87 from 68, playing as a winger in a very poor team. In 2018 he broke the 100 point barrier 8 times and set a new personal best score of 130. We can only hope he gets more support around him in 2019 and can continue to improve.

Best Draftee
Jed Anderson
There were a number of candidates for this award, but it's impossible to go past Anderson. Taken with Binked's last LTI replacement pick at 184 Anderson played 18 games at an average of 76 (80 if excluding his injury-affected 4 point game) he has provided excellent value for the pick. He managed to make himself a key part of the North Melbourne midfield and we look forward to continued improvement in 2019.

The Binky

3rd Place
Adam Treloar
60 Votes
Another excellent season from Treloar, was in the mix for 1st until his injury, but even missing 6 weeks wasn't enough to knock him lower than third. Has been a valuable member of the Bink lineup since his debut season and we look forward to many more years of service ahead.

2nd Place
Clayton Oliver
88 Votes
For the second year in a row Oliver has placed second in the Binky with 88 votes (enough to win last year). Another excellent season from the young gun, playing every game at an average of 110 points, did everything he could to get us over the line in the Elimination final with a massive career best 154. Oliver is the future of this football club and we're confident he'll lead us to a finals win in the near future.

Max Gawn
95 Votes
Gawn has been a titan in the ruck for Binked this season, playing every game and averaging a massive 113 points per game, his continued excellence and an injury-free season has seen him comfortably win his first Binky. A huge season saw Gawn pass the 100 point mark in fifteen of twenty games played (with a 91 and 99 in two of those games also) and a top score of 143. Gawn becomes the third traded player to win the Binky following previous wins by Luke Shuey and Brodie Smith.

Season Summary

What went right?
At the commencement of the 2018 pre-season Binked management was expecting another disappointing season and looked to trade to improve either the list or the draft position accordingly. No deals were struck however and so a hasty draft strategy was assembled, pick the player with what we believed to be the highest ceiling with our first pick and from there on look for players a few seasons into their career who had the potential to increase their own performance and would also likely be given opportunity at their clubs.

This strategy turned out to be unbelievably successful, in what was supposed to be a bottom-of-the-table year, Binked instead had a bumper draft with 3 clear new best 22 players, and several others pushing for keeper selection come the 2019 pre-season. The team managed to improve it's average by 70 points from 2017, despite missing Smith, Liberatore and Setterfield for the entire season as well as Shuey, McDonald and Treloar for large chunks.

Not too many draft selections were outright failures… Dom Barry provided early season depth (which is all he was drafted for). Kent scored an 86 and 93 before being injuried in his third game, Lonie and Guelfi both had reasonable seasons (despite being delisted before playing a game). McCarthy didn't step up as hoped, Sier took a long time to debut but when he did had a number of promising displays including a top score of 89 and Luke Brown ended up being a valuable contributor and fill-in averaging 64 (68 without injury-affected game) including a purple patch of 3 90 plus games (top score of 100 even).

In addition to the draft a number of FA signings came in and were promising. Castagna was handy depth playing most games, Cunico came onto the list for the second time and averaged 72 in 15 games including breaking the tonne for the first time. Ballard and Dawson both played cameo roles in the mid and late season respectively.

Finally a large number of the existing 20 keepers improved their averages; Gawn got back to his best and then some, Oliver stepped up again, Langdon had a career year, Langford finally broke into the senior team and started to repay the faith, McDonald had a stellar year once he was on the park and Vlastuin became a solid back capable of 100+ scores.

What went wrong?
The number one issue here was injuries (as mentioned in what went right) some core members of the team missed large chunks or the season altogether. There were a few dropped games where the whole team was down and some where we were playing short.

In addition to this there were a few missteps at the draft. In retrospect (given where the team ended up) Kelly should have been the first pick taken rather than the longer term Fogarty. Kelly would have had an immediate impact and would have allowed one of Langdon or Caddy to play up forward, lessening the reliance on the likes of Castagna and McCarthy. Also Mountford over Doedee was a big bust that hurts a lot as it was one that our recruiters really agonised over.

Going forward
Whilst the season ended in a disappointing loss (amusingly the only selection decision made was to drop the much maligned Brown for Smith, Brown's 73 would have gotten Binked over the line), the improvement from both the draft and the existing playing list was highly satisfying especially given the makeshift nature of the 22 for most of the season to cover injuries. Where 12 months ago it was theorised that a complete clean out and rebuild was necessary, this no longer seems the case. The below best 18 at the end of 2018 has a combined average score of 1507 (using 2017 averages of 72 and 80 for Liberatore and Smith respectively) which would be very competitive and validates somewhat the decision mid-season to back out of some trades to hopefully allow for a bigger tilt in 2019.

The big challenge in 2019 will be to hopefully have less injuries and to once again have a strong draft to achieve a deep list. Ideally some of the existing midfield and forwardline talent can step up to become A grade, or alternatively traded in to help compete with the league's best teams.

End of 2018 Best 22 (Including expected 2019 positions)
Backs: Jack Crisp (B), Brodie Smith (B), Bailey Williams (B), Jayden Short (B), Nick Vlastuin (B)
Mids: Adam Treloar ©, Clayton Oliver ©, Luke Shuey ©, Ed Langdon ©, Jed Anderson ©, Tom Liberatore ©, Jordan Cunico ©
Forwards: Tom McDonald (F), Josh Caddy (CF), Kyle Langford (CF), Dean Kent (F), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (F)
Ruck: Max Gawn ®

Int: Ben McEvoy ®, Brayden Sier ©, Ryan Clarke (B), Mitch Honeychurch (F)


very good squad to build on for next year. Some big scorers in that lot!


Shaun Burgoyne gets another season. Wasn’t expecting that when I traded for him. Wonder if anyone is willing to offer pick 2 for him?


I’ve got pick 3…


Steez Merchants Best and Fairest

Winner - Shane Savage 41 Votes
Had a great season, and benefited in voting by playing in a very weak backline. His only real competition for votes down back was Christian Salem, who wasn’t as consistent, and also spent a bit of time competing for votes in the midfield.
Runner-Up - Ed Curnow 39 Votes
The best player in the team. Scored highly and consistently, but lost votes to other strong performing midfielders.

3rd - Josh P Kennedy - 28 Votes
4th - Jack Riewoldt - 27 Votes
5th - Caleb Daniel - 26 Votes


Steez Merchants Season in Review

After consecutive years finishing top 4 and being eliminated in straight sets both times, I wanted another shot this season. I brought in old timers Luke Hodge and Bernie Vince in a trade with WOB, and set my sights on the flag.

It wasn’t to be.

At mid-season I was flying high in 4th place, but the ‘points for’ column suggested I was middle of the table or worse. I packed it in.

There were no serious bidders for my top talent (Curnow and JP Kennedy), but I was able to move on Jack Riewoldt, JJ Kennedy, Hodge and Vince in exchange for picks.

The rebuild is on! The team is young. Curnow and JP Kennedy are the older players, but have 3 - 4 years left. Witts and Savage had amazing seasons. Hall, Salem, McDonald and Daniel are young with a lot of upside.

I’ve got a handful of keep-quality youngsters, and a bunch of trash.

Come trade period, I’ll be looking at bargain bins. The guys who won’t make your 20 keepers that I can have for a late pick.

Excited to see if I can steer this team through a rebuild. Having been better than Bix for every single year of this competition, it’ll be a real challenge for this squad to see him higher than us on the ladder, but I think we can handle it.


BBFFL#2 2018 Semi Final Preview
51 Bewick (8) vs Bargey (4)
UF Prediction: 51 Bewick 1343 Bargey 1478
Finals Record: 51 Bewick 1W-2L Bargey 7W-4L
Head to Head: 51 Bewick 2 Bargey 5
Last time: 51 Bewick 1289 Lost to Bargey 1387 Round 9 2018
Finals Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: 51 Bewick WWLLW Bargey WWWWL
Last week: 51 Bewick 1275 Bargey 1482
Season Average: 51 Bewick 1335 Bargey 1419
Last 5 Head to Head: 51 Bewick 1 vs Bargey 4

cafegerat (7) vs Aceman (2)
UF Prediction: cafegerat 1385 Aceman 1393
Finals Record: cafegerat 1W-0L Aceman 0W-1L
Head to Head: cafegerat 0 Aceman 1
Last time: cafegerat 1402 Lost to Aceman 1519 Round 9 2018
Finals Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: cafegerat WWLWW Aceman LLWLL
Last week: cafegerat 1428 Aceman 1517
Season Average: cafegerat 1349 Aceman 1469


Hopefully two cracking games.


Hopefully one cracking game and the rat gives aceman a 500 point hiding.