BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


The bomber boys have given me a shot!


Wowee. That’s a cracking start for the Yambags.

Aceman’s boys didnt do so well for him.


When does the next trade period open?


A few weeks after the conclusion of the season usually.

Normally a bit of a break to discuss any changes for the next year first, also a lot of people won’t do trades until after UF positions are announced in 2019 to avoid trading in a player who loses the position you traded them in for.


Trade period will open when the AFL trade period opens.


Lol at the coaches that didn’t want Jack Riewoldt for a second rounder.


Brodie Smith having a nice game in his 2nd game back. 27 possessions and a goal for Sier too at 98 points. My keeper list is going to be damn tough.


Wish I still had had my second rounder when Jack was put on the table. Although my fall back option in Burgoyne has performed well the last couple of weeks.


Score Updates

@Bargey 1388 (16) leads @51Bewick 931 (12)
@Aceman 1036 (14) trails @cafegerat 1255 (16)

Players left to play:
Bargey - L Franklin, K Jack (to replace J Roughead)
51 Bewick - D Rampe, B Cox, S Kerridge, J Hogan, D Thomas, T Papley
Aceman - J McVeigh, J Lewis, L Parker, M Walters
Cafegerat- C Petracca, C Curnow


No changes required for the Semi Finals.


Looks like @Bargey and @cafegerat through. Tough luck to @Aceman out in straight sets, looks like a combo of injury/poor form at the wrong time. Tough break after an excellent H&A season.


My team has had a down week. Fingers crossed they knew we had the week off. Currently just short of 1500. Goddard sitting at first emergency also took it very easy!


Congratulations Bargey, far too strong.

Time to say goodbye gentlemen. I have enjoyed the company of all the guys in this comp.
Unfortunately outside interference has detracted from my enjoyment of this competition. Wishing everyone the best and hopefully the new coach can have more luck with injuries :smiley:

'51 Bewick.


My lineup from last week scored 1628 this week, would’ve been a PB by a country mile lol, no massive scores in that either.


Sorry to see you go Bewick :frowning:


BBFFL#2 Semi Final Results
Bargey 1548 defeated 51 Bewick 1415
Aceman 1315 lost to cafegerat 1436


It’s gonna be a huge matchup this coming week. Expect blood to be shed.


Many thanks to Bewick for being a part of the league. All the best for whatever you’re in to.


When 51Bewick says outside interference does he mean the ghost of smooth still posting occasionally because that puts me off too. Hooroo 51