BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


I’m not confident. Mitchell will go nuts vs St Kilda.

Another prelim loss could be on the cards :frowning:


Cmon Wezza talk it up please. Not down!


congrats cafe!


Laters Lambert.


@Bargey must be hoping like nothing else Barlow gets a call up.


Sure is. He’s been moaning to me about Dew not playing him for weeks now.


Well done, cafe.


Cheers blokes, been flat out the last couple of days, haven’t had a chance to soak it all in! Very lucky to get the win, @Aceman had a bad week in an otherwise excellent season. The fantasy footy gods were being kind to me when they looked at the team he inherited! :wink:


It’s time to take the (red)bull by the horns now.
Commissioner is going down.
Down, down, down.


You have certainly found form at the right time of the season. My squad is a bit shaky with injuries to Goddard and Touhy so I’m not feeling overly confident about this week!


Bargey will be pleased with Barlow getting a chance.


BBFFL#2 Preliminary Final Preview

redbull (1) vs cafegerat (7)
UF Prediction: redbull 1625 cafegerat 1435
Head to Head: redbull 4 cafegerat 1
Last time: redbull 1497 Defeated cafegerat 1342 Round 13 2018
Final Record: redbull 3W-1L cafegerat 2W-0L
Finals Head to Head: Never previously met
Preliminary Final Records: redbull 1W-0L cafegerat First Prelim
Form: redbull WWWW- cafegerat WLWWW
Last week: redbull - cafegerat 1436
Season Average: redbull 1557 cafegerat 1353
Last 5 Week Average: redbull 1591 cafegerat 1425

Wezza (3) vs Bargey (4)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1552 Bargey 1471
Head to Head: Wezza 4 Bargey 6
Last time: Wezza 1432 Defeated Bargey 1419 Round 6 2018
Final Record: Wezza 6W-5L Bargey 8W-4L
Finals Head to Head: Wezza 1 Bargey 0
Finals Last Time: Wezza 1510 Defeated Bargey 1470 2016 Qualifying Final
Preliminary Final Record: Wezza 0W-2L Bargey 2W-1L
Form: Wezza WWWW- Bargey WWWLW
Last week: Wezza - Bargey 1549
Season Average: Wezza 1444 Bargey 1425
Last 5 Week Average: Wezza 1531 Bargey 1468
Last 5 Head to Head: Wezza 2 Bargey 3


Really is a sad state of affairs in finals for my mob. 6th year of finals and only 6 wins (2 prelim losses)


The portlover and I look to have a very close game on our hands.
Hoping that somehow the Saints try to put a clamp on Mitchell.


Interesting start to my match up against @cafegerat with him having 6 players to my 0. They have laid down something to chase by scoring 467 points.


Yambag behind schedule I would say, will need something special. I don’t doubt he has it in him though, especially against the oppressive emperor bull.


I’m on the backfoot with Barge’s Richmond players putting out 75+


Boakie turning it on for you to rub it into Bargey!


Dangerfield though :expressionless:


Phil Davis injury has killed me. Buddy was on 10 and Davis like 30 before injury. Davis changed forward and Finlayson to Buddy. Bud now 83 and Davis 38.

I’m done with Barge having Titch and Zorko to come.