BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Cafegerat throwing down a big challenge. His 10 players averaging more than my 4 so far


to confirm i’m ■■■■■■, Witherden has done a hammy.


Long way to go.


All my players need to perform tomorrow or you will knock me over. 278 points to make up with 3 extra players. Game on.


BBFFL#2 Preliminary Final Score Update
Redbull (10) 765 trails Cafegerat (13) 1043
Wezza (13) 947 trails Bargey (15) 1205

Players remaining:
Redbull - E Yeo, K Simpson, J Macrae, B Gibbs, J Jenkins, H Crozier, A Neal-Bullen, W Milera
Cafegerat - T Doedee, C Petracca, C Masten, C Curnow, M Hutchings
Wezza - L Hunter, A Brayshaw, L Jetta, J Ziebell, S Atley
Bargey - S Hurn, S Jacobs, R Douglas


Super effort by Simpson, Crozier and MacRae to take the lead!


Unless something absolutely remarkable happens this year’s Grand Final will be a repeat of the 2017 Grand Final with Redbull taking on Bargey.


Well done Barge. Too good again. Another prelim loss for me. Sigh.
Going to have an interesting off-season with my mob. May need to change strategy to get over the hump.


Bad luck Wes. Fluked my way back into another GF. I’ll need all my mids to go big to be a chance of knocking off RB who has a much better spread of scorers down back than I do.

Abbott (v Suns) or Jacobs (v Blues) will be an interesting decision for me, do I drop a guy who has pretty much played every game for me ever since I traded for him for a kid averaging 100 over 2 games who has only been in my squad for a week?


Well done grand finalists.


Congrats RB, your squad is just too good. I can’t complain, making a prelim with my squad was a massive over achievement! My last few weeks saw the team take a huge leap. Good luck to both you and Bargey in the gf.


congrats to Red and Barge. Well done guys.

Congrats also to Cafe and Wez. Prelim finals are a fine achievement.


BBFFL#2 Preliminary Final Results
redbull 1591 defeated cafegerat 1398
Wezza 1398 lost to Bargey 1449

Commiserations to both Wezza and Cafegerat. Great seasons by you both and certainly two of the stronger teams when it really mattered.

Looking forward to trying to revenge last year’s Grand Final loss to Bargey next week!

Also I’m hoping to get the Merv Neagle BBFFL#2 results out this week. Will let you know how I go!


Given the sudden explosion of late season excitement at Saracens around Francis, Bonar, Marshall, Daicos, Bowes, Marchbank etc, I’d like to put forward the proposal that we run with 28 keepers for 2018/2019 draft period.




Getting a bit nervous about this weekend. Basically started building for this half way through 2012 when I ripped up my original drafting and started again. I will try to find time this week to lay down how I have built my squad over the years. If for nothing else it will be a good demonstration of how I went about it.


I’d be really interested to read that. I love hearing other coaches’ strategies (or lack thereof).


The Making of the Conago Bulls 2018 Grand Final Squad
So the first fact I have found is that of my current squad of 31 only 12 of them have been drafted. There are 2 players on my list - Crozier and Sinclair who I have drafted twice, while I have drafted family friend in Sam Lloyd 3 times!

2012 First Draft
6 Dane Swan
31 Liam Shiels
42 Scott Thompson
67 Colin Sylvia
78 Leigh Montagna
103 Jon Griffin
114 Jordan Gysberts
139 Sam Butler
150 Reece Conca
175 Cale Morton
186 Mitch Wallis
211 Sam B. Reid
222 Alan Didak
247 Garrick Ibbotson
258 David Hille
2012 Second Draft
13 Sam Darley
24 John McCarthy
49 Shaun McKernan
60 Christian Howard
85 Claye Beams
96 Lachie Hansen
121 Brent Peake
132 Simon Buckley
157 Simon Hogan
168 Peter Yagmoor
193 Darren Pfeiffer
204 Daniel Stewart
229 Ashton Hams
240 Matt Spangher
265 Dan Connors
2013 Draft
4 Joe Daniher
13 Jackson Macrae
25 Brent Macaffer
43 Michael Evans
54 Jamie Cripps
61 Hayden Crozier
100 Cameron Pedersen
108 Nick Maxwell
115 Ben Kennedy
132 Jarrod Witts
2014 Draft
1 Jack Martin
25 Ben Lennon
48 Matt Jones
50 Marley Williams
54 Hayden Crozier
70 Maverick Weller
73 Mitch Hallahan
91 Tom Young
97 Michael Evans
124 Sam Lloyd
2015 Draft
56 Alex Sexton
74 Sam Colquhoun
78 Callum Sinclair
92 Matt Jones
110 Zak Jones
128 Matthew Di ck
129 Jarrad Grant
145 Lauchlan Dalgleish
146 Matt Thomas
159 Daniel Robinson
2016 Draft
23 Lin Jong
41 Cameron Sutcliffe
59 Josh Dunkley
77 Nick Robertson
95 Brendan Whitecross
105 Andrew Moore
112 Toby Nankervis
128 Ryan Lester
129 Jaden McGrath
146 Sam Lloyd
2017 Draft
39 Nic Newman
40 Daniel Howe
46 Aaron Vandenberg
52 Ben Howlett
53 Callum Sinclair
64 Alex Neal-Bullen
82 Luke Ryan
88 Daniel Robinson
95 Bailey Williams
153 Matt de Boer
2018 Draft
27 Luke Breust
55 Grant Birchall
71 Dean Towers
88 Anthony Miles
106 Jordan Gallucci
123 Josh Wagner
140 Jordan Dawson
142 Zach Guthrie
154 Sam Lloyd
157 Rupert Wills

Current Squad Draftees

Pick Number On List Draft Year Comments
31 Liam Shiels x 2012
13 Jackson Macrae x 2013
61 Hayden Crozier x 2013
1 Jack Martin x 2014
54 Hayden Crozier x 2014 Redraft
124 Sam Lloyd x 2014
78 Callum Sinclair x 2015
23 Lin Jong x 2016
146 Sam Lloyd x 2016 Redraft
53 Callum Sinclair x 2017 Redraft
64 Alex Neal-Bullen x 2017
27 Luke Breust x 2018
55 Grant Birchall x 2018
88 Anthony Miles x 2018
106 Jordan Gallucci x 2018
154 Sam Lloyd x 2018 Redraft


Good luck to both grand finalists. Red bull surely to cap off the most remarkable season we have seen



2018 BBFFL#2 Grand Final Preivew

redbull vs Bargey
UF Prediction: redbull 1613 Bargey 1489
Season Record: redbull 21W-0L Bargey 16W-6L
Finals Record: redbull 4W-1L Bargey 9W-4L
Grand Final Records: redbull 0W-1L Bargey 2W-0L
Head to Head: redbull 3 Bargey 7
Finals Head to Head: redbull 2 Bargey 1
Grand Final Head to Head: redbull 0 Bargey 1
Finals Last Time: redbull 1611 Defeated Bargey 1482 Qualifying Final 2018
Grand Final Last Time: redbull 1475 Lost to Bargey 1750 Grand Final 2017
Form: redbull WWW-W Bargey WWLWW
Last week: redbull 1591 Bargey 1449
Season Average: redbull 1558 Bargey 1426
Last 5 Week Average: redbull 1606 Bargey 1470
Last 5 Head to Head: redbull 3 Bargey 2
2018 Head to Head: redbull 2 Bargey 0

Predicted Line Ups
Changes: Nil
Backs: Elliot Yeo, Jarrod Harbrow, Tom Cutler, Kade Simpson, Zach Tuohy
Mids: Joel Selwood, Jack Macrae, Liam Shiels, Scott Selwood, Bryce Gibbs, Jarryd Lyons, Shaun Burgoyne
Ruck: Callum Sinclair
Forwards: Josh Jenkins, Hayden Crozier, Alex Neal-Bullen, Wayne Milera, Luke Breust
Emergencies: Brendon Goddard BC, Adam Oxley B, Jordan Gallucci CF, Brayden Crossley R

Changes: In J Roughead, A Rance,
Out: S Gray, H Taylor
Backs: Bachar Houli, Alex Rance, Kamdyn McIntosh, Tom Jonas, Shannon Hurn
Mids: Scott Pendlebury, Michael Barlow, Tom Mitchell, Justin Westhoff, Dayne Zorko, Taylor Adams, Richard Douglas
Ruck: Sam Jacobs
Forwards: Jarryd Roughead, Lance Franklin, Aaron Young, Jordan Murdoch, Jack Riewoldt
Emergencies: Kieren Jack CF, Sam Gray F, Ryan Abbott R, Harry Taylor FB

Changes from 2017 Grand Final
Redbull (8 changes)
In: Tom Cutler (traded), Kade Simpson (traded), Zach Tuohy (traded), Joel Selwood (injured), Shaun Burgoyne (traded), Callum Sinclair (not selected), Wayne Milera (traded), Luke Breust (drafted)
Out: Zac Williams (traded), Jack Martin (injured), Nic Newman (traded), Andrew Mackie (retired), Daniel Howe (traded), Brendon Goddard (omitted), Matthew Kreuzer (injured), Cameron Pedersen (delisted)

Bargey (9 Changes)
In: Alex Rance, Kamdyn McIntosh, Tom Jonas, Shannon Hurn, Scott Pendlebury, Michael Barlow, Richard Douglas, Aaron Young, Jack Riewoldt
Out: Matthew Boyd, Ben Reid, Lynden Dunn, Liam Picken, Sam Mitchell, Sam Gray, Karl Amon, Darcy Moore, Kane Lambert

In the 21 weeks this season when redbull and Bargey have played there are only 2 occassions that Bargey has managed to outscore redbull. These occurences were in Round 3 and Round 7 when Bargey outscored redbull by 63 and 31 points respectively. In the 19 weeks that redbull has scored higher than Bargey the average difference in the two team’s scores is 158 points, ranging from 324 points in Round 14 to just 16 points the following round when the Grand Final coaches went head to head.


The week has got away from me and I haven’t had time. Will keep pushing through with it and try to post early next week.