BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


How my 2018 Squad came together

Initial Drafts
Liam Shiels - taken as an draftee with my 2nd ever pick - 31. My first ever selection at pick 6 was Dane Swan.

Post Season Trade
Josh Jenkins - acquired via a trade post season 2012 - whereby I gave Eggs Picks 37 and 97 in return for Josh Jenkins and pick 132 which was used to select Jarrod Witts.

Jack Macrae - Pick 13 - my second pick behind Joe Daniher who I took at number 4.
Hayden Crozier - Pick 61 - the first of two times I have selected Crozier in the draft.

Mid-Season Trade
Joel Selwood - this was a big trade at the time. I gave up arguably the best fantasy player in the AFL at the time in Dane Swan in return for a younger Joel Selwood. Along with Selwood I also obtain The Melkman’s 2nd and 3rd round picks which became picks 36 and 54, while The Melkman also got pick 37 to go with Swan. Pick 36 was on traded while pick 54 allowed me to redraft Crozier.

Jack Martin - Pick 1 - after winning the 2013 wooden spoon with just 3 wins I used my prize number pick on Martin who has proven to be a solid fantasy option.
Hayden Crozier - Pick 54 - redrafted with one of the picks from the Swan/Selwood trade.
Sam Lloyd - Pick 124 - subsequently has been redrafted in both 2016 and 2018.

Mid-Season Trade
Elliot Yeo - traded for in mid-season 2014. I swapped my 1st and 3rd round picks to Eggs for Yeo and his first-round pick. These picks became 2 and 38 for Yeo and pick 9. Post season I traded pick 9 for David Armitage and Pick 78 which became Callum Sinclair. The picks I traded ended up with Wezza - pick 2 who he took Issac Heeney with and Eggs used 38 on Kane Mitchell.

Callum Sinclair - Pick 78 my 3rd pick in the draft behind Alex Sexton at pick 56 and Sam Colquhoun at pick 74. Pick 78 was acquired as part of the trade for Yeo.

Mid-season Trade
Scott Selwood - traded from Saladin in return for my first-round pick and Riley Knight. This pick ended up as pick 5 in the 2015 draft which Saladin used on Callum Mills

Lin Jong - Pick 23 - my first pick in the draft having given up my first round pick in the Scott Selwood deal.
Sam Lloyd - Pick 146 - my final pick in the draft. This was the 2nd time I had drafted Lloyd after also picking him up with my last pick in the 2014 draft.

Preseason Trades
Bryce Gibbs - acquired via a trade with Saladin preseason 2017. I gave up Picks 4, 28 and 172 in return for Gibbs and pick 95. It should be noted that Pick 4 was acquired from Silly Billy along with pick 40 in return for Mitch Wallis (drafted with pick 186 in the initial BBFFL#2 draft), Jamie Elliott (free agent selection in 2013) and Pick 100.
Jarryd Lyons - acquired via a trade pre-season 2017. Smooth traded me Lyons and Pick 53 in return for Toby Nankervis and Pick 10.
Matthew Kreuzer - after losing Nankervis my ruck stocks looked very thin heading into the 2017 season with Callum Sinclair’s spot not secure. As a result a trade was nutted out with The Melkman who traded me Kreuzer and pick 39 in return for Joe Daniher and pick 136.

Callum Sinclair - Pick 53 - after managing to secure Kreuzer via a trade Sinclair was seen to be surplus especially given his job security concerns. Subsequently he was delisted and redrafted with my 5th pick. My first 4 picks were used on Nic Newman (39), Daniel Howe (40), Aaron Vandenberg (46) and Ben Howlett 52.
Alex Neal-Bullen - Pick 64 - my original 4th round pick was used to pick up Neal-Bullen.

Mid-season Trades
Brendon Goddard - I traded my 1st round pick (no 17 overall) and Jake Barrett to Eggs for Goddard and his 9th round pick - used to select Sam Lloyd. Pick 17 ended up with Westozziebomber who used it to pick James Worpel.
Jarrod Harbrow - to strengthen my backline I traded Josh Dunkley and my 2nd round pick to Ivan for Harbrow and his 4th round pick. Ivan’s picked ended up as pick 55 which I used to select Grant Birchall who has spent his entire time on the Conargo Bulls’ Long-Term Injury List. Ivan used the pick he acquired, pick 35, to draft Robbie Fox.

Preseason Trades
Wayne Milera, Tom Cutler and Kade Simpson - In a mega trade I managed to swap 3 players to The Melkman in return for 3 players. The Melkman traded Kade Simpson, Tom Cutler and Wayne Milera in return for an injured Zac Williams, Hugh Greenwood and David Armitage. Although aged in his mid 30s Simpson has been an amazing pick up as one of the best scoring back in the 2018 fantasy season. Whilst both Cutler and Milera have surprised and taken their fantasy games to a new level in 2018. Zac Williams was originally acquired from Westozziebomber in a post season trade in 2013 which also involved Scott Thompson (Adel). Greenwood was a free agent selection during 2017 and Armitage was acquired via a trade at the end of 2014.

Luke Breust - pick 27 - was acquired from Ivan as part of trade where I gave up Daniel Howe in return for picks 27 and 145.
Anthony Miles - pick 88 - this is the 2nd time Anthony Miles has spent time at the Conargo Bulls. Previously I traded for him midseason 2012, when trade Leigh Montagna to bjsteel in return for Miles and a first round pick. The pick involved in this trade was pick 4 which I used to select Joe Daniher.
Jordan Gallucci - pick 106
Grant Birchall - pick 55 - obtained as part of the Harbrow/Dunkley trade
Sam Lloyd - 154 - my 3rd time drafting Lloyd. Unlike in 2014 and 2016 I used my 2nd last rather than last pick to acquire him.

Mid-Season Trades
Zach Tuohy - Ivan gave up Zac Tuohy and a 4th round pick in return for Nic Newman and my first two picks in the 2019 draft. Newman was acquired with my first pick in the 2017 draft, pick 39.
Shaun Burgoyne - a trade was arranged with Westozziebomber to acquire Burgoyne in return for Myles Poholke and my 3rd round pick. Poholke was acquired in 2018 as a Free Agent.

Free Agent Pickups
Billy Gowers
Nathan Freeman
David Mackay
Adam Oxley
Brayden Crossley


I’m still grumpy that I lost another prelim.

I think the Bulls will win in a canter though.


Don’t suppose anyone has details of the post season 2013 preseason / 2014 preseason trades do they? I have all the information in the form of squads at the end of 2013 and then the start 2014. Also I can work out what picks are traded but I don’t have specific trade details. Very annoyed I can’t find it!


Did it get put on the wiki page that Bargey setup?


No unfortunately. Trades before that are there. It was post the big blitz crash but the thread looks gone. Will have more of a look over the weekend. Just really need to remember what I got for Jared Polec!


Good luck @Bargey - hopefully you need it.


Don’t know why I remember this - I think it’s because wim or someone from the other league got mad - but wasn’t it Polec + pick ~100 for Jamie Macmillan + pick ~24?


I think you’re right. Someone told me I was stupid or vice versa! Good memory.


Wow Jackson Macrae on 125 at half time. Be nice if he could double it!


Feeling confident… 206 points plus Yeo, Neal-Bullen and Cutler to come against Hurn and Zorko.


Lol, ‘feeling confident’ should be the understatement of the year. Its over, and probably was even before Franklin didn’t play.


Congrats Redbull. Absolutely dominant season. Thoroughly deserved to win the comp and is some reward for all the work you put in behind the scenes to make this comp function every year.


Yup, magnificent season from Red. Barge is going to post a decent score but not in the same ballpark as Conargo. Even a Buddy onslaught would merely have made it a bit tighter, Red is comfortably better.

Well done and thoroughly deserved.


Didn’t lose a game all year? Amazing effort redbull, I don’t think you’ll see a more dominant season of FF.


Now that he’s lost a GF and Port lost to Essendon on the weekend, it wont be long before he throws the toys out of the cot and quits the comp.


Congrats to redbull clearly the best team all year. Well done.


Champagne is ready to flow! Neal-Bullen only has to get 5 points to get his total to 40 and the Conargo Bulls will set a new record score in the Grand Final. Another 14 points and it will be a 300 points win!


What’s your score mate?


Final scores:


Unbelievable effort redbull. Congratulations!


Happy to brag a little today. Also had Goddard with sitting at emergency 116 scoring and Gallucci as another emergency with 104! Gowers and Mackay weren’t even good enough to make the 22.

This premiership plan really started in mid 2012 when I ripped up my initial draft and started again. There may have been a spoon along the way but it all feels justified now!