BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Meanwhile, in the “Still Losers but perhaps not quite as looserish as the other Losers” Cup, Saracens have cemented their spot as the most utterly frustrating team by finishing a definitive ninth after a strong win over High Fyfe.

This season has taunted me.


Congrats Redbull, that was an outrageous season.


Congrats to the Bulls. Amazing season.


Good stuff RB, snuck home in the end 18.7 (115) to 17.8 (110). That’s what we base the results on in this league right? Done a ripping job putting together a side that scores evenly all across the field. Looks like my mob played their GF last week knocking that scumbucket Wes out of the finals.

Sadly Wes is right, I’m quitting the comp too. It’s a struggle to find the time for it any more with all the hours I work. It’s been great playing for all these years (7?) but it will be good to get along to the footy next year and be able to watching without focussing on the guys in my fantasy team. Pretty satisfied with a 70% career win loss record, no losing seasons and a couple of premierships.

I may have stayed longer if Wes traded me Boaky…


Saracens 2018 Post Season Draft Review.

Selection 37.

Aiden Bonar. From my post draft thoughts -. “We view this as a top-10, two-year minimum selection.”. Which is just as well ! Because Aiden may well hold the record for “most number of times named as emergency before debuting”. By our count, it was 15, maybe 16 games out of 17 that he was an emergency without ever getting a game. Our frustration with the stuttering Giants grew by the week, as Neafl reports suggested he was a contested footy beast. Finally, he got a shot against Carlton and was impressive. Nothing spectacular but we’re content with Bonar for 2019.

Pick 45.

Eddie Betts Like his side, Eddie didnt reach the heights i quite hoped for - or expected. Missed a few games, didnt break the tonne once and the reputed midfield minutes didnt eventuate. Averaged early 60’s, a bit mediocre to match the Crows. Plug and play but slightly disappointing.

Pick 63.

George Horlin Smith. I should have known better. Particularly with early indications that Kelly was a gun and most likely George wouldnt get a game. A poor selection, and knowing that his job security was marginal at best makes it doubly so. If only i’d grabbed Guelfi.

Selection 80.

Lachlan Murphy. Started the year ok, and early on his dual position got us out of a jam a few times. But his scoring never really picked up and with injuries to key players through the year his 50’s and 60’s never really helped us to a win. Not a great pick.

Selection 98.

Dylan Moore. A speculative pick based on junior numbers, he never got a look-in for Hawthorn. We were hunting for another Tom Phillips. Had some injury troubles at Box Hill, but reports were good when he did play. Probably a failed pick but we’ll watch the preseason closely.

Pick 115.

Aaron Francis Lets not pretend that we werent apprehensive about this pick. It was a huge risk, but almost inevitable that it had to be done given he was our first draft pick several years earlier. This was a long game selection, given where he was coming from. The season was lost well before Aaron returned, but holy mother of god! His final few weeks has optimism at feverpitch. Bring on 2019!!!

Selection 132.

Daniel Rioli. . Taking into account that we knew Rioli would start the season late, we couldnt really complain that he was missing for the first month. However, we didnt anticipate that it would be a round 13 return! Once he did, he filled his role as a plug and forget forward, much like Betts, without ever really getting going.

Selection 149.

Rowan Marshall. Now THIS was our upside Hail-mary pick. and we think it was a win. In the end. Only given 12 games, Marshall was another player we felt was underplayed by his club. A season average of 70.5 was respectable. But when finally given another chance from Round 17, he responded with 114, 88, 58, 74, 78, 95 for an excellent return of 84.5. Distinctly possible that he’ll be the Saints main ruck next year. Very happy with this pick, this late.

Selection 166.

Danyle Pearce. I noted at the time that i just wanted a playing forward to sit on the bench, so if he got games then the pick had done its job. He didnt get games for long, so the pick didnt do its job. Was delisted by round 3 iirc as we hit early injury problems and needed to raid the FA pool.

Selection 176.

Sean Lemmens. I liked Lemmens dual position status here but injury in the preseason dragged on and he was soon jettisoned in the search for playing Free Agents. A failed pick. Another who was ditched early to fill a gap from the FA list.

End result: Bonar, Francis and Marshall can all be best 22 next year, no question. Rioli and Betts will need some contemplation, but filled roles. The rest were write-off’s. Three keepers is probably as best we can hope for from a draft, and either way the season failed not because of the drafting, but because of injury/form issues for certain senior players.

We lost Gleeson for the year, Mills for most of it, Fanta for much of it, Patton to the LTI, Marchbank for 10+ weeks, Acres for 8 and sweated on Francis/Bonar/Marshall for longer than we hoped. A tough year in which we found ways to score reasonably well but never quite went our way.


Congratulations @redbull massive win after a completely dominant season.


How many of us originals are left in the comp from inaugural season? Myself, Redbull, Stoops… who else?


BBFFL#2 Grand Final Result
redbull 1769 defeated Bargey 1450

Conargo Bulls
Jack Macrae 190
Josh Jenkins 130
Jarrod Harbrow 111
Bryce Gibbs 111
Elliot Yeo 107
Tom Cutler 101
Wayne Milera 101
Scott Selwood 98
Jarryd Lyons 96
Callum Sinclair 96
Hayden Crozier 92
Liam Shiels 88
Zach Tuohy 84
Kade Simpson 80
Shaun Burgoyne 78
Joel Selwood 75
Alex Neal-Bullen 68
Luke Breust 63
Total 1769
Michael Barlow 130
Justin Westhoff 121
Scott Pendlebury 116
Tom Mitchell 101
Taylor Adams 94
Jack Riewoldt 92
Jordan Murdoch 91
Shannon Hurn 83
Dayne Zorko 74
Bachar Houli 70
Kieren Jack 69
Tom Jonas 68
Sam Jacobs 67
Kamdyn McIntosh 65
Richard Douglas 59
Jarryd Roughead 57
Aaron Young 48
Alex Rance 45


On the basis both @Bargey and @51Bewick are leaving us it will leave:

Come Back Hirdy
Don to Death
No 5
The Melkman

So 11 all up. This year we had 13 of the 18 originals (excluding Great Artisian Basin who was replaced by 51 Bewick prior to our 2nd draft before the 2012 season).


That’s more than I thought, actually. Pretty good retention rate for the league I say!


Congrats @redbull !!!

Also, sad to see @Bargey and @51Bewick leave!


With 2 coaches leaving brings up the discussion of a 16 man comp.

We would only play each other once, so no unfair draws on return games (For example i played the top 2 teams on return games this year and the premiers the year before) and 40 extra players released into the pool thus helping those that have had trouble filling certain positions.


Definitely something for consideration. Not sure I understand your point regarding only playing each other once though. If we were to continue playing all 23 rounds it would create 4 double ups rather than 2. These double up can be managed to ensure all coaches are treated as fair as possible on who they play.

Personally I am a fan of the 18 teams - but then again it clearly is working for me at the moment. Also I think having fewer teams would swing the dynamic a bit. However rhe draft sure would be interesting! If we did have more players available I would like to bring forward free agency to before selection.


I’m not locked into this idea of 16 teams like i have been on other issues but i do think it is something worthy of discussion.

It would shorten the season under my idea to only 15 rounds plus finals so i guess that is a negative but it also comes with more positives imo especially adding more players to the pool which would result in less aggravation over UF positional changes.

Maybe the season could stay the same like you said and it’s 4 return games, i don’t really have a preference as long as it is fair.

Anyway, i just wanted the issue to get discussed and all coaches to have the chance for some input and thought this was the best time for it with 2 coaches leaving.


I would be supportive of a 16 team league. I think it would generate a lot more interest between teams mid-season as there should still be players of good use in the FA pool.

If we were going to do it though, it needs to be a separate draft preferably with untradeable picks. I would suggest two rounds via reverse ladder order (or serpentine) for 32 picks and then the remaining players just go into the regular draft (with our current draft order). I would be very much not supportive of just adding them to the current draft crop, because I would not have traded my first rounder if I knew this was coming as a possibility.


I’m not against the idea of 16 teams as I think we do need to address the issue of lack of depth in FA pool which this would help somewhat. The question is though do we solve the FA issue by reducing teams in league, or size of keeper list?

I personally like the idea of shrinking the keeper list as it makes the draft every year so much more important. It would allow teams to re-build quicker with savvy recruiting and could potentially even encourage more trade activity given that the draft holds much more value than it did previously. For me, part of the attraction of a league like this is the draft every year and I feel it’s become quite stale. The inaugural draft was awesome because you had so many choices and different strategies possible to action depending on how you rated players. 20 keepers just seems like far too many in my opinion. Personally, I would like to see somewhere between 10-15 keepers. You could still protect your elite players, but would also give teams ability to rebuild quickly with one good draft.

Feel free to poke holes in my suggestion. Just my 2c though…


Congrats @Redbull. Supremely dominant season. Good to see a few former Medina players (including a trade in) scoring well for you in the gf. I feel kinda like I did when I watched wangas and dimma open the lions up in 2004, though not as hungover as I was that day.

On the subject of the harbrow trade, Dunkley has blossomed into the midfield gun I hoped he would when we did the trade (was he lti for you at the time?). I look forward to him getting C status next year.

I’m suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to start nominating my keepers for next year. How long do I have to wait?


Personally I think this trade demonstrates largely how I developed my team into the juggernaut that it became (sorry yes I’m still bragging on here today). I was willing to off load young players showing good fantasy potential to cash in for more certain scorers. Harbrow might not have manner big seasons left but he has served me very well the last year and a half including getting a ton in the Grand Final.

I never doubted Dunkley’s scoring ability but injury and form meant I was willing to trade him at the time. Other examples of injured players I have traded were Mitch Wallis and Jamie Elliott - both traded post 2016 and then I did it this year with Zac Williams. I think pulling the trigger on these players meant I got value/quality back in the door immediately to allow me to cash in on the guns I had fit and firing. Waiting around for the injury concerns to be overcome might not have paid off so I’m pleased I made these moves.

The Daniher for Kruezer trade was also vital as it filled what seemed to be a massive hole in the ruck at the time. Ironically the delisted and subsequently redrafted Sinclair did an amazing job this year, whilst Kruezer offered me very little and Daniher offer The Melkman arguably less.


Yeah definition of win win trade that one. Can’t remember who I traded harbrow from originally though I think it was for a 3rd round pick during my first trade period as coach


Also the picks we swapped both look like busts.