BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


I can confirm

Good effort to turn pick 86 into Dunkley even if Robbie Fox is bust. My drafting Dunkley at 59 was an absolute steal at the time. Made an immediate impact as a first year fantasy player. Maybe not as big as he did on the AFL in playing in a flag winning team.

Yep my Birchall pick doesn’t look great!


Ivan 2018 draft review

  1. J. Higgins RI - C,F

No doubt many here will say I reached for Jack but he was the biggest fantasy ■■■■ in under 18s. I think he’ll build slowly and should start paying dividends in year 3 when he becomes more prominent in the midfield. Tick.

  1. L. Fogarty GE - c,f

Another strong fantasy scorer at under 18 level who showed he wasn’t out of place at senior level. A smart player with a well rounded game and plenty of upside. Tick.

19, C. O’Shea CA - B

The panic pick based on vfl numbers and a desperation to secure a D. Considered Jayden short iirc and should have taken short. Bust

  1. J. Harmes ME - C,F

Picked for his age, upside and midfield potential. Put up some very good numbers over the course of the year and looks set to become a key component of the Dee’s midfield albeit as a sometime tagger. Big Tick. Sorry @saladin

  1. R. Fox SY - C

Was Looking for the next Sydney neafl break out player. It isn’t him though he did get his fair share of games. Bust.

  1. R. Stanley GE - R,F

Hit the draft with no ruck at all so need to grab one even though securing a gun ruck probably will not be a priority for at least a few years. He’s been a surprising success story really though his durability remains an issue and he isn’t a long term solution. Tick.

  1. H. Ballantyne FR - F|

Grabbed as donut cover upfront and filled that role successfully until I dumped him for a younger FA at some point. Bust but meh

  1. H. Cunningham SY - C,F

Grabbed as midfield cover as a likely starter but not the best scorer. Pleasantly surprised to see him take his game up a level and looks set to become a solid contributor going forward. Tick

  1. M. O’Connor GE - B,C

Like the glimpses as I see with this guy but he isn’t ready to translate that to the seniors consistently and his vfl form has been underwhelming. Bust.

  1. T. Broomhead CW - C

Looking for a late C with some potential. Luck didn’t go his way. Bust, literally.

That makes it 5 out of 10 by my count which probably isn’t too bad but I’d like at least one pick back.

This year I’ve also brought in Ronke and Lonie as FAs and I’m pretty pleased with both. There were a host of others who will likely be shown the door. Howe was brought in as a preseason trade with some success. Newman and Marsh were brought in mid year as trades with one eye towards the retirement of McVeigh. Newman pleasingly re-established himself in the side in the back half of the year.


By the way @redbull do you have any coaches in mind or can I cast around. Should I wait till we have a ruling on 16 v 18


I had him last year after picking him up late as a FA. if he has an R this year I probably would have retained him but he didn’t. Boo


Don’t really like the idea of 16 teams or smaller keeper lists. Personally I like the challenge of building your list and trying to plug holes via FA during the year. I certainly don’t want FA to become more dominant given the way it currently operates seriously advantaging some people who are able to stay up for when it opens vs those of us who have to go to bed earlier.


before the off-season trade period begins (no idea when that is) , can all sides please bring their lists back to 30. If you had some LTI coverage, offload the extra players.

And to recap - only the current owners of players can list them again next year (if relevant). Drafted or traded-in players are NOT eligible for LTI with pre-existing injuries.

For what looks like being several new coaches: IE- If i retain him, I can list Patton on the LTI list for 2019 season and then select an extra player after the main draft to cover him. But if i trade or delist Patton, the destination club cannot list him as an LTI.


delisted Mountford and Pierce.


Dropped that super hack Silvagne. No idea what i was thinking as i’ve delisted and redrafted him about 3 times i think.

Also while the delistees show up on the league page they are still retained on our lists?

Any other coaches have any thoughts on league coach numbers?


Delisted Astbury


Delisted the delisted AFL-listed listees Mullet and Rosa


Oh I had so many chose from. I’ll chose Sean Lemmens. Or at least I wanted to but I’ve done my 30 changes for the year so it wont let me. @redbull will have to drop him for me


Delisted varcoe and broomhead

BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

I have delisted David Mackay



Just an update - the Merv Neagle is coming but the result won’t be for a few weeks. We are heading back to Australia for 10 days - so will finalise and post once back with my stats!


Can we trade yet?


No reason you can’t be discussing trades!


Just a quick heads up on where we are at:

-Merv Neagle Medal - the vote count will be posted Monday evening in direct competition with the Brownlow
-trade period - will officially open when the AFL trade period commences and run through until just before our draft
-rule changes - please post anything you would like changed for discussion. I will post something about positions which I flagged earlier in the year which I believe will work well.
-new coaches - we have one committed new coach and are fianlising discussions with another one. These will be announced shortly.


Just a reminder the 2018 Merv Neagle results will be posted later this evening.


Voting has commenced