BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Good question. My proposal would be that he keeps the mid eligibility given that’s where the greatest scarcity is for players. So he would be a CB. If a player went from a BF to a C (very unlikely to occur) they would keep F status and become a FC.

I actually don’t think it would be too difficult to implement and from the prelim work I have done I believe it would stop as many zeros.


And here’s the problem with the league lol, during the season everyone is passionate about various things when we can’t change them. Post-season everyone disappears and nothing changes…


This should be a poll!!

I vote for a utility spot.


Personally I’m happy with using a utility position - next to no admin involved.


So drop a C positiOn and add a utility slot?


Agree on utility spot. Think it is far more reflective of how AFL teams operate, playing to their strengths in a certain part of the field (if they have one). Also think it would remove a lot of 0s teams get forced into with shortage of Cs in comp.

Unsure of RB’s classification idea. Would probably err on side of just using positions as assigned by CD each season. The changes would be minimal I imagine.

Fixture: Think we should keep it random, not only to remove complicating things further, but also given ladder positions come about for myriad of reasons. Yes, overall list strength is the primary factor, but plenty of teams get struck by injury, suspension and poor form badly on certain weeks and lose to teams they on average wouldn’t. I feel as though a lot of times you try to manufacturer equality of outcome, you end up creating processes that are still just as flawed and just as susceptible to being exploited, whether by luck or by deliberate intent. I vote to leave fixture as random.

FA: Again, although Thursday Night games seem to be increasing this season, I feel making new policy for this small disadvantage will make it more complicated and confusing for all. I’m comfortable accepting that Thursday Night FA’s will be off limits this season due to impracticality.

Keepers This is my addition. I really want us to increase the importance of the draft. That is primarily what the Fantasy Sport challenge is based around. Having 20 keepers is too many. I personally would like 10, but understand that will unpopular as many coaches have huge attachment to their squads players. Perhaps we could go with 15? This means that we get to keep 50% of our squad year-to-year, but increase the draft pool by 90 players. Those 90 players would increase the talent pool in each draft immensely and create a greater value and importance on drafting well. Coaches would have to weigh up more seriously whether to use high draft picks to draft long term or short term, with the latter strategy providing teams to move back up the ladder quickly with a good mature-age recruit haul, given you are filling out at least 3 players in your Best 18. Coaches would still keep their best 50%/15 players under this setup, which I think is still a huge advantage.


So the key issue for debate is utility position or not. Very happy to go with the consensus on this. Let me know your view.


For the Utility.


I quite liked your suggestion of maintaining positions for an extra year, but failing that, the utility position is alright. Agree that we need to do something (minor) to cut down the unavoidable zeros.


Agree with utility.






Utility is fine by me. Not fussed either way.


A few of the position changes for 2019:



Andrew McGrath (Essendon)

Lachie Weller (Gold Coast)

Corey Ellis (Gold Coast)


Darcy Moore (Collingwood)

Jack Silvagni (Carlton)

Ben Silvagni (Carlton)


Justin Westhoff (Port Adelaide)

Rory Lobb (Fremantle)

Jordan Roughead (Collingwood)

Jonathon Patton (GWS Giants)

Jon Ceglar (Hawthorn)


Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong)

Tim Kelly (Geelong)

Isaac Heeney (Sydney)

Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide)

Devon Smith (Essendon)

Toby McLean (W.Bulldogs)

Sam Menegola (Geelong)

Michael Walters (Fremantle)

Will Setterfield (Carlton)

Jack Martin (Gold Coast)

Chad Wingard (Hawthorn)

Jack Newnes (St Kilda)

Caleb Daniel (W.Bulldogs)


Paul Seedsman (Adelaide): Def-Mid to Mid only

Hugh McCluggage (Brisbane): Mid-Fwd to Mid only

Jordan De Goey (Collingwood): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only

Aaron Francis (Essendon): Def-Fwd to Fwd only

Pearce Hanley (Gold Coast): Def-Mid to Def only

Tim Taranto (GWS Giants): Mid-Fwd to Mid only

James Sicily (Hawthorn): Def-Fwd to Def only

Angus Brayshaw (Melbourne): Def-Mid to Mid only

Luke McDonald (Nth Melb): Def-Mid to Def only

Travis Boak (Port Adel): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only

Jack Higgins (Richmond): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only

Josh Caddy (Richmond): Mid-Fwd to Fwd only

Kane Lambert (Richmond) Mid-Fwd to Fwd only


Remembering that UF often tweak a few of the champion data positions which are used for AFL Fantasy/Supercoach etc.

But the position changes above represent the minimum position a player will have. UF will only ever add a position, never take one away.

Eg. If that isn’t a typo above and CD have made the idiotic decision to make Aaron Francis a forward only, then UF may choose to make him a defender, which would mean he becomes a Def-Fwd.


The Francis one must be a mistake. Has to be moving to a defender only.


Also on a related note, with the above changes, I have too many mid only players. Looking at trading at least one (more likely 2) of the following:

S.Higgins - C - 94
N.Jones - C - 87
B.Deledio - C - 79
D.Armitage - C - 77
J.Sinclair - C - 74

And depending upon his final position possibly also Allen Christensen - 73 could be added to the list if mid only. Would be after defenders or forwards, may also consider picks.

Other players up for trade, most I would move fairly cheaply:
L.Hodge - B - 78
J.Melksham - F - 70
A.vandeBerg - F - 68
S.Wright - B - 66
J.J.Kennedy - F - 65
T.Duman - B - 63
J.Ceglar - R/F - 63
P.Wright - F - 58
P.Lipinski - F/C - 58
J.Joyce - B - 55

Happy to discuss any offers.


it makes the UF position changes frustrating. They’re way too conservative to make changes throughout the season. Danger was playing F for majority of the season, but they were too scared to give him +F.


Setterfield getting his F back should hopefully make it easier for me to justify keeping him.


They’re effing idiots with that Francis one. The bloke dominated the last few games as an intercept defender. So let’s make him a forward!? Lmfao.