BBFFL#2 2018 Discussion


Utility position will just end up a mid in most cases anyway


Or a second ruckman.


The 2019 fantasy football season is upon us which means Ultimate Footy is back for another year. With Ultimate Footy you can play the way you want to play with an extensive list of features and options. From scoring systems to lineup positions, trading rules to lockout deadlines you can tailor your rules to perfection.

UltimateFooty will open next week so coaches will be able to start preparations for the draft day.

In addition to the starting positions which have been allocated by Champion Data, you’ll also have some other players picking up Dual Position status.


Harry Cunningham
Sydney’s speedster found some scoring form to end to the year with 3 scores over 86 in his final 3 games. Far from the worst late round pick up.

Jack Bowes
Gold Coast have a beauty of a player in Bowes who spent plenty of time developing his craft off half back as well as getting some midfield time last year. Even though he’s coming off a 2018 season where he averaged in the mid-’60s coaches will be anticipating a point scoring bump like what we saw over the final month of the season. We’ve allocated him back status but coaches who draft him will be hopeful of some increased midfield responsibility.

Chris Masten
This premiership Eagle now moves from draft purgatory to being someone worth selecting on draft day. The only question is can you handle the heat from other coaches in your league when you select him onto your roster? A solid high 70’s option who’s shown a history of scoring much more.


Caleb Daniel
Spends plenty of time running through the Bulldog midfield unit and is a more than a handy scoring option.

Kane Lambert
A regular in the Tigers midfield unit who has some serious ability to pump out a big hundred when needed.

Allen Christensen
Like Lambert and others who’ve also been allocated additional centre position, the relevance is now in the increased flexibility it gives you on your roster more than anything else.

Sam Petrevski-Seton
We’ve seen enough to suggest he deserves the DPP gain. Blues fans will be hoping for a further increase again in midfield time.


Oscar McInerney
Spent plenty of time early last year based predominantly forward and given the occasional rucking responsibility. As the year went on so too did his ruck role increase. His addition of ruck status means you can handcuff him to his teammate Stefan Martin .

Rowan Marshall
Showed he can play at AFL level last year with some important roles inside the Saints forward 50 as well as in the ruck. Like Big O he’s not your #1 ruck, but linking him with likely ruck starter Billy Longer could be a handy late draft selection.


Sam Lloyd
The former Tiger has always been a handy option when given the opportunity. Now gaining forward status and strong job security at the Bulldogs he may be worth considering late on draft day.

Harry Taylor
The Geelong swingman spent enough time as an avenue to goal to get forward status. A very relevant option depending on the scoring set up your league uses.


Thanks mate. Sam Lloyd Keeping forward status means he may have just found a lifeline into my keepers.


Sweet, thanks Melk.


So here’s my list, probably going to have to lose some of those young mids and a back or two. If you’re interested in someone message me.

Name Position Average Age Games (season) Games (Career)
Max Gawn R 111 27 25 99
Clayton Oliver C 109 21 25 60
Adam Treloar C 109 26 17 139
Tom McDonald F 91 26 20 146
Ed Langdon C 89 23 21 46
Jack Crisp B 88 25 26 110
Jayden Short B 87 23 24 56
Luke Shuey C 87 28 20 177
Ben McEvoy R 87 29 19 187
Bailey Williams B 80 21 14 32
Kyle Langford F,C 80 22 16 47
Josh Caddy F 80 26 22 139
Brodie Smith B 78 27 2 145
Brayden Sier C 76 21 12 12
Jed Anderson C 76 25 21 46
Dom Sheed C 75 23 18 78
Nick Vlastuin B 73 24 21 117
Jordan Cunico C 72 22 14 15
Ryan Clarke B 70 21 19 40
Jordan Dawson C 67 21 4 5
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti F 65 25 22 66
Luke Brown B 62 26 20 135
Dean Kent F 58 25 5 63
Jason Castagna F 55 22 22 52
Cam McCarthy F 49 23 17 57
Darcy Fogarty F 42 19 10 10
Tom Liberatore C 9 26 1 117
Will Setterfield F,C 0 21 0 2
Braydon Preuss R 0 23 0 8



How very UF - 2 of their 3 back status gains played a grand combined total of 2.5 games as backs for the season - and in Masten’s case only played that half because Sheppard got injured and they needed a 7th back for rotations.

And they’re screwing whoever has Christensen & Daniel as both were negligible parts of their midfield and both finished the season playing back - so now they could play the whole season down there, but won’t be able to gain eligibility.

SPS also saw minimal time even whilst O’Brien played mid every week and Dow saw an increase in time as the season went on - hell even Silvagni played one full game in the midfield, SPS couldn’t even claim that. Hard to see a drastic increase in midfield time with a fit Kennedy, a fitter Fisher and Dow, plus Walsh & Setterfield added to the mix.

Yet whilst imaging things that didn’t happen, Jordan Dawson played exclusively as a forward for Sydney, yet can’t even regain his forward status to start the season. Though that is mostly down to CD having zero clue.


Squads updated in the following link - BBFFL#2 Current Squads as at 3 February 2019

Also this week I will be officially announcing some coaching changes for 2019.


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