BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion

I got very lucky

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Grats on the win mate, won’t lie it hurts a lot. Last sub 1500 score was in Round 12 and was my 2nd lowest score for the year. Feeling pretty angry at the footy gods right now :).


Voting is under way in the 2019 BBFFL#2 Merv Neagle Medal.

Did you end up changing the 3.2.1 if the highest score on the losing team was high enough? I liked the idea but didn’t seem to gain much traction

I have kept it the same - the 3 votes always goes to the winning team.

Voting has now concluded. Well done to @aceman and Brodie Grundy for taking out the win. Full voting can be found here:


Haynes injured :sweat:

BBFFL#2 Grand Final History

2012 Premiership Team
@westozziebomber 1618 Defeated @Stoops 1305
Andrew Mackie
Beau Waters
Brad Sewell
Brian Lake
Brock McLean
Brodie Smith
David Hille
Hayden Ballantyne
Jason Gram
Luke Shuey
Matthew Pavlich
Michael Johnson
Rhyce Shaw
Ryan Griffen
Ryan O’Keefe
Shane Mumford
Simon Black
Steve Johnson

2013 Premiership Team
@The_Melkman 1433 Defeated @DonToDeath 1376
Aaron Sandilands
Brad Ebert
Brent Stanton
Corey Enright
Dane Swan
Danny Stanley
David Hille
Dylan Roberton
Farren Ray
Jarrad Waite
Kieren Jack
Lachlan Hansen
Luke Brown
Lynden Dunn
Matthew Boyd
Quinten Lynch
Sam Butler
Sam Mayes

2014 Premiership Team
@smooth 1459 Defeated @No_5 1168
Angus Monfries
Cale Hooker
Chris Newman
Dylan Shiel
Heath Shaw
Jarrad McVeigh
John Ceglar
Lewis Jetta
Luke Parker
Matthew Jaensch
Michael Walters
Richard Douglas
Sam Docherty
Sam Wright
Steele Sidebottom
Stefan Martin
Tim Broomhead
Trent Cotchin

2015 Premiership Team
@Bargey 1780 Defeated Stoops 1471
Tendai Mzungu
Liam Picken
Justin Westhoff
James Frawley
Lynden Dunn
Nathan Jones
Dayne Zorko
Sam Mitchell
Nathan van Berlo
Scott Pendlebury
Michael Barlow
Sam Jacobs
Jarryd Roughead
Tory Dickson
Taylor Adams
Sam Gray
Tom Mitchell
Matthew Lobbe

2016 Premiership Team
westozziebomber 1629 Defeated Smooth 1475
Corey Enright
Kade Simpson
Andrew Mackie
James Kelly
Daniel Talia
Luke Hodge
Leigh Montagna
Scott Thompson
Bernie Vince
Shaun Burgoyne
Nick Dal Santo
Jordan Lewis
Aaron Sandilands
Nick Riewoldt
Brent Harvey
Travis Cloke
Steve Johnson
Drew Petrie

2017 Premiership Team
Bargey 1750 Defeated redbull 1475
Matthew Boyd
Taylor Adams
Ben Reid
Bachar Houli
Lynden Dunn
Liam Picken
Sam Mitchell
Tom Mitchell
Dayne Zorko
Sam Gray
Karl Amon
Jordan Murdoch
Sam Jacobs
Darcy Moore
Jarryd Roughead
Justin Westhoff
Lance Franklin
Kane Lambert

2018 Premiership Team
Redbull 1769 defeated Bargey 1450
Elliot Yeo
Jarrod Harbrow
Tom Cutler
Kade Simpson
Zach Tuohy
Joel Selwood
Jack Macrae
Liam Shiels
Scott Selwood
Bryce Gibbs
Jarryd Lyons
Shaun Burgoyne
Callum Sinclair
Josh Jenkins
Hayden Crozier
Alex Neal-Bullen
Wayne Milera
Luke Breust


BBFFL#2 Multiple Premiership Players

Player Premierships Premiership Years
Lynden Dunn 3 2013, 2015 & 2017
Aaron Sandilands 2 2013 & 2016
Andrew Mackie 2 2012 & 2016
Corey Enright 2 2013 & 2016
David Hille 2 2012 & 2013
Dayne Zorko 2 2015 & 2017
Jarryd Roughead 2 2015 & 2017
Justin Westhoff 2 2015 & 2017
Kade Simpson 2 2016 & 2018
Liam Picken 2 2015 & 2017
Matthew Boyd 2 2013 & 2017
Sam Gray 2 2015 & 2017
Sam Jacobs 2 2015 & 2017
Sam Mitchell 2 2015 & 2017
Shaun Burgoyne 2 2016 & 2018
Steve Johnson 2 2012 & 2016
Taylor Adams 2 2015 & 2017
Tom Mitchell 2 2015 & 2017
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My 2016 team was stacked. Decent side

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2019 Grand Final Squads with a BBFFL#2 Premiership


Player Premiership Year
Kade Simpson 2016 & 2018
Zach Tuohy 2018
Justin Westhoff 2015 & 2017
Richard Douglas 2014
Dylan Roberton 2013
Lewis Jetta 2014


Player Premiership Year
Jarrad McVeigh 2014
Heath Shaw 2014
Luke Brown 2013
Luke Parker 2014
Dylan Shiel 2014
Shaun Burgoyne 2016 & 2018
Michael Walters 2014
Trent Cotchin 2014
Steele Sidebottom 2014
Sam Docherty 2014
  • 3 players are chance to join Lynden Dunn as a triple BBFFL#2 premiership - Kade Simpson, Justin Westhoff and Shaun Burgoyne
  • 3 players are going for back to back BBFFL#2 premierships - Kade Simpson, Zac Tuohy and Shaun Burgoyne - if they are successful they will join David Hille (2012 & 2013) as the only other player to have won back to back flags
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Been a while since we’ve had a close one!

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BBFFL#2 2019 Grand Final Preview
Wezza (3) vs Aceman (2)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1433 Aceman 1539
Head to Head: Wezza 2 Aceman 3
Form: Wezza LWLWW Aceman WWW-W
Last week: Wezza 1518 Aceman 1498
Final Record: Wezza 8W-7L Aceman 2W-2L
Finals Head to Head: Wezza 1 Aceman 1
Finals Last Time: Wezza 1388 lost to Aceman 1631 Qualifying Final 2019
Season Average: Wezza 1492 Aceman 1438

Meetings in 2019 – Wezza 0 Aceman 3
Round 10 - Wezza 1256 Lost to Aceman 1466
Round 18 - Wezza 1440 Lost to Aceman 1568
Qualifying Final - Wezza 1388 lost to Aceman 1631


  • This is the first BBFFL#2 Grand Final since 2014 that neither coach has previous Grand Final experience - although some of @Aceman’s squad were involved in the 2014 and 2016 Grand Finals under previous coach @smooth.
  • Other Grand Finals to be a replay of a qualifying final were - 2014 Smooth vs No 5, 2015 Bargey vs Stoops, 2017 redbull vs Bargey and 2018 redbull vs Bargey
  • Our Grand Finalists have already played each other 3 times this season, by meeting for the 4th time they are setting a new record for match ups in a single season.

Good luck @Aceman!

Going to a real battle this week with no Sidebottom who would’ve been guaranteed to ton up tonight. SPP dropped now aswell


History says I’m no chance

Grundy is too darn good.

I had forgotten aceman inherited smooths poisonous squad. Even though wezza occasionally says very mean things about the Bix, I think I will need to support him. Mildly.


My team is playing so bad. Dont think I can win, even with Aceman going in 1 short.

Don’t know about that.
My guns have played and I’m a man short.
We will be pretty much even at the end of this game and I reckon you will outscore me from here on. Think you will get up by 40-50