BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Can’t seem to change it either mate. The edit draft order bit just tells me I can’t edit because the draft has started. Only way I can see is by editing the draft selections in rd 31 until wezza’s next pick.

Might just be easiest for Wez to pick on here and then edit later.


Have we finished the draft now?


all but you, charity case.


Do I take an LTI pick?


Nah we actually have another four LTI picks before you mate :joy:

No. 5

…then you

Those four coaches can pick through UF


Looks like you took Hamish Brayshaw on UF?


dagnammit bix! :smiley:


what a shambles.


Once @wezza tells me who he wants as his LTI pick up I’ll finalise the draft by filling the last spots and then remove these players post activation of the league.


Lachie Plowman please.


Everything should be good to go on UF now. Let me know if you find any issues.


Can we confirm prior to season kick off we will be implementing the return games policy that was agreed to last season but never implemented?


I’m guessing the fixture has something to do with this :rofl:

Yes I will amend the fixture. I think the only fair way to do it is ensure teams don’t play two top teams from the prior season in their double up games. I had tried to work out a method to make it equal but it just doesn’t work.

@TrevorBix maybe you have a way of equally sharing 2 return fixtures between 18 to ensure no one is worse off.


It’s the same every year for me. Return games against at least 1 grand finalist and always 2 against top 4 teams from previous years.

Imo the fairest and also most exciting way to do this is to make the 2 return games against the 2 closest coaches (By wins) to you on the ladder. There is a very good chance that those 2 return games could be what decides many ladder positions and who makes top 8, 4, wooden spoon etc.

Alternatively they could be based on last seasons ladder finish.


Challenge accepted.


where can I find the final ladder from last year? I assume thats a dumb question.



I reckon because Redbull didn’t lose a game last year we should force him to play with only 16 scoring players. He’ll probably still win, but at least it will be closer…


Gees that was a good looking ladder. Season only got better as well. Think the Grand Final saw me score my best total for the year and it could have been more as Goddard was sitting on the bench despite scoring a ton.

Not sure how I will go this year. Most of the core is still there but I’m not seeing anyone from my draft that will do a Luke Bruest job for me.


Technically that’s the pre finals ladder not the final ladder as it doesn’t take finals results into account