BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Yep, match of the round I reckon.

With Balta and Jones locked in I should be able to put up a solid side now too.


My round preview probably won’t be out until post Friday night’s game. I’m in Vietnam for work at the moment.


Still waiting for my 2018 round summaries :p. Drafted a loot of depth this year… pretty much every pick after butters. Not very inspiring but feel confident in fielding a full team every week at least


What did I promise and fail to provide? I need to find a way of dumping all the data I have to everyone. Over the next month I really want to try to find time to collate all the games played data into a useable format.


Was just teasing you mate. Sometime last year i mentioned i missed your after round wrap ups. You said you’d do them but I’m pretty sure couldn’t find the time :slight_smile:


Yep that is true. Doing that got big on me last year. Will try to do it this year - maybe on a more sustainable level. High/low scores winning streaks etc.

I do know one thing. The Conargo Bulls are shooting for win number 23 on the trot this week! Last defeated in the 2017 Grand Final.


Someone needs to bring you down a peg or two. Wouldn’t even mind if it was Bix who beat you.


Sorry but I am playing the Yambags who are inexplicably expected to score 1550.


Don’t feel anywhere near as confident as last year. Just don’t have the depth I felt I had. Also regretting one keeper move. Scott Selwood should have gone rather than Jordan Gallucci if for no other reason than to readjust the age of my squad.


@cafegerat has built an excellent squad. Won a couple of finals last year - not surprised they are predicted to score in that range.


My team wont be challenging you. Had a horrible draft.


I am always surprised when people other than me succeed.


UF predictions for this week below. Lots of high scores in there. I’m expecting @Birch19 to be a big improver this year off the back of his trade and draft period. Whilst as I said above @cafegerat will definitely be a contender. @wezza you still have the depth to contend and @fogdog and @Aceman do as well.


Lol. Well, there goes the idea of lots of selection choice. Willie Rioli ruled out with a “foot injury” . That sounds ominous. Narkle an emergency, Bonar not selected and neither is Acres for some reason. Bugger.


Full side, yay


Already regretting selecting Watson over Cuningham


Charlie Curnow with a magnificent 9 at the half.


Nankervis 115 as an emergency for me :rage:


Brutal selection for me. will be 2-3 short for round one. Actually felt confident going in that I would bat deep. Ironically I do have two ruckmen playing.


If I take an fa today does that mean I drop down priority ladder?